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There are a lot of movie buffs out there who love collecting wallpapers of all the latest movies. If you are one of them, then this app is for you. Movie Wallpapers, an Android app, has a collection of more than 500000 movie wallpapers. You can download them for free on your Android device.

Movie Wallpapers HD has a very varied collection of wallpapers, all in high quality and comprising of any and every movie that you can name. Everything from Harry Potter to Batman to Lord of the Rings to Matrix to Dark Knight- every movie has at least one wallpaper dedicated to itself.

With this app, you can download movie wallpapers on to your Android device and also share them online with all your friends, that too with the best and highest quality supported. Irrespective of the size of your Android device, the wallpapers get resized in the right way so as to fit perfectly on your screen. You are also provided with the option of resizing them yourself, while selecting a small part of it for your wallpaper. This app provides you with wallpapers and a lot more. There are trailers and also extra information about each movie.

For the movie lovers and die-hard fans, this app is the perfect choice. In the latest updates, pinch to zoom has been activated and implemented for all wallpapers. To support tablets, an official Android action bar has been put into function. The interface has been reworked to suit Android ICS better. To do this, the fixed menu button has been eliminated. Many of the User Interface glitches have been worked upon and a couple of urgent issues have been attempted to be fixed. However, despite all this effort, the app still does not work up to the mark. It appears as though the updates didn’t make a significant difference as such. In the case of Droidx, the device shuts down soon after the app is opened.

The organization of the interface has been done really well, with movies being categorized. As most people go for the popular movies, there is a separate category for those. Other categories are Latest and Upcoming. Things have been kept simple and complications avoided so that the main theme comes to the fore. The information about the movies, which accompany the wallpapers, is very helpful and is a very thoughtful feature indeed.

To sum it up, the app has a myriad collection of movie wallpapers that is tremendously huge, with one at least for each movie. Also, there are trailers and additional information about each. The chances of not finding a particular movie are very low. The categorization of the movies makes the app much easier to handle when you are looking for one of the latest movies. However, despite the many recent updates, there are still many issues faced when it comes to the working of this app and the functioning needs to be sought into quite a bit. It is a delight for movie lovers.

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