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I somewhere read that “Earth laughs in Flowers”. Just a look at the beautiful flowers in your garden in the morning makes your day. They are soft, fluorescent and beautiful with the nature at its best. A world without flowers is same as football without Lionel Messi – unimaginable. Flowers are used everywhere from a date to a wedding gift. They can also be located in beautiful vases decorating your sweet homes. But flowers maintain their identity only until they are fresh. As soon as the blossom period vanishes, so is the true essence. So, if you want to gift those flowers to any of your friends, make sure that they are delivered on time and are fresh.

Interflora is one such place which you can trust upon for the fresh delivery. It is a web app where you can place your orders and track the delivery just as you do in posts. The wide collection of flowers was impressive and there were more than one option to check out for the delivery as well. Let’s find out what it offers.

First, register to create an account. Then, enter the address details where the delivery will be made. Now, you can proceed and select your gift. There are many different sections such as Spring Flowers, Luxury Flowers, Click and Collect, Wedding flowers, All Flower Bouquets and many more. Just as you click on a tab, it opens up all the different flowers available with the info about their delivery availability and different offers available such as free vase. You can also read reviews by other customers regarding that product. The price is also listed and you can search according to your price range.

You can shop according to different flowers or occasion. Other than just flowers, there are other gifts available as well such as Champagne, Wine, Hamper, etc. In fact, for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, you can check out Valentine’s Day gifts from Interflora as they have arranged special gift packs with affordable prices here at Interflora Valentine’s day gifts

For all the designers out there who think that they can also design a good bouquet, there’s good news from Interflora. There is a competition going on right now where you have to design a bouquet upto a value of £100. If your design gets selected, it will be awarded life by the florists of Interflora and you’ll get a chance to win iPad 3.

The website has been designed very beautifully and intuitively. There are plenty of options to check out from fresh stock to luxury flowers. You can also check out whether the bouquet will be available by your time limit or not. There are many different brands available and I think that the developers haven’t missed on a single thing. They provide international deliveries as well. So, there’s something for everyone though the UK residents take the most. So the next time you’re to give a gift or a get well soon bouquet, don’t forget My Interflora Creation.

Pros: wide range of collection; instant deliveries available; intuitively designed website; Valentine ’s Day gifts; running competition.

Cons: none.

Web Application Link :  My Interflora Creation

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