Equalizer FX : Boost to Your Phone Stereo System

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Are you a music freak? Do you own a music device like an iPod player with its complete memory dedicated to all your favorites? Music is no longer just an audio file being played on your phone device. Now, every one of us wants stereo quality music in our ears. Mobile manufacturing companies are taking out new technologies to provide us with the best experience. It would be amazing if we could get the amazing audio quality from Sony Walkmans into our Smartphones so that we no longer required purchasing a separate device for music satisfaction. Apps are the tools that can convert a simple Smartphone into a tech giant. So, let’s find out how it works.

We are talking about the new Android app, Equalizer FX that has been developed by Devdnua.  The app is compatible with all devices running Android 2.3 or later version. You must have seen at least one app with a similar name or you may have downloaded it as well. After all, it’s more difficult to find a new name than a new idea nowadays. But in this case, we won’t say that the app is very much different. It’s almost the same with a few new functions.

Equalizer FX is meant to enhance the audio quality of your phone device. The built in equalizer allows you to change the default frequency pattern. You can pick any frequency and change its value on the pitch scale. This way you can comfort your ears as you wish. There is another function known as Bass Boost. This function, if we’re right, was first introduced in Sony walkmans. It gives a boost to the music being played and you can certainly feel the difference. There is another very good effect known as visualization which visualizes the audio channels.

The UI of the app is like a smooth breeze. You can easily navigate and find out the features. The appearance and outlook of the app is very beautiful. We really liked the profile section where you can just pick any of your added profiles depending upon your mood. For example, if you want to listen to something simple and sweet, create a profile named as ‘calm’ or something and adjust its audio settings to a lower pitch. This helps you to not change the settings each time your mood is changed. You can also add, edit or delete a profile very easily.

The app is available for free in the Google Play Store. It is ad supported but you won’t be irritated much as in some other cases. However, if you want the clean version, you may need to spend a dollar which is worth the price. The app does not work with the radio i.e. if you want to enhance the audio quality while tuned to radio, you simply just can’t. It would’ve been a nice addition but still it’s a good overall package. We would recommend you to try it at least once.

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