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As a college student, the two things that are most important in a student’s life are Photocopy and Printing machines. They are even more important than your books because on almost every day, you need a new assignment to be submitted or a new project report completed. I have myself spent almost half of my college life roaming around the printing shops and it’s really worth if you buy yourself a printer. But being on a safer side, the usual procedure is to copy your documents to your pen drive and then attach the pen drive with a computer to take out the prints. But what if you don’t need that middleman i.e. computer? What if you could connect your phone directly to the printer and take out the print outs? Wouldn’t that be amazing! The thought has already been put under action with a new app coming in the market, PrintJinni.

I am talking about the new Android app, PrintJinni that has been developed by Thinxstream Technologies. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.1 or later version of the OS. Here the developer has carved out a very creative thought into action with connecting your phone directly to the printer to take printouts. It takes a lot of undue procedure cut down and what you’re left with is pure butter.

With PrintJinni, you no more need any cables to be connected to the printer. Just open the document you want to take printout of on your phone and it’s done. But it’s not just a word document to take care of but the entire family of files including pictures, PDF and online pages. You can browse Google+, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook and Picasa from within the app and print all the images you find interesting. Also, there is a Paste Board feature available in the app which allows you to copy any content from anywhere and paste it on the board which can be printed. Isn’t it cool! Also, you can see previews of all your copies so that you may not miss anything.

The app is available for $0.99 in the App Store. However, other than that price tag, there is an option for PrintJinni services at a cost of some subscription fee as well. The services are accessible using PrintJinni Cloud and also maximize the functionality of the app which is limited otherwise. The subscription plans are $0.99/30 days, $1.49/90 days to $3.99/year. The app supports all the printers including Epson, HP, Dell, Samsung, etc.

I really liked the app and appreciated its unique concept. But the app has its own limitations as well. First of all, not all of the stuff is free and available on the subscription plan. However, the developers are providing a 30 day free trial which is very handy to check their service quality. Then the app is quite slow to be used for multiple print outs at the same time. So, it’s better and economical if you go for the traditional way. But still, the app has proved its worth and can be quite handy at times.

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