Blo-Ball Soccer : Enrich Your Soccer Playing Experience

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Football is a game that involves a lot of passion and the engaging game play and alertness of mind required for it, keeps you on the edge of your seat. With multiple players to manage this game is a fabulous one and this improves eye and hand coordination. With the new Blo-Ball Soccer, you can now experience the thrill on your Mac device. The app is specially designed for Mac users, where the user can play the game with the computer and other people in the network. The intelligently designed game suits people from all ages and the creator of the game, Iced Carbon Ltd should be given special credit for the same.

The main positive of the game is that the game play is kept quite simple. The visual and the audio incorporated in the game are quite and you have full control on the activities of your players throughout the game. The multiple modes available in the game make it quite engaging. The reaction of the opponent is instant so you have to decide your moves intelligently.


  • Blo-ball soccer is compatible with Macbook Retina.
  • You can play the single player version of the game or choose to play the multiplayer one in the network mode.
  • The normal mode is mainly based on turns. You will have your turn, and the computer will have its turn to score.
  • For the network game, the other player has to be on the same network.
  • There are radio buttons for selecting Flick Mode, Drag Forward, Follow Player or Fix Play Direction. These are game controls which can be activated or deactivated.
  • The normal game play provides the experience of a 2D game.
  • The cheering sound of the audience is good enough, so better keep the sound on.
  • You can command the soccer players and place them in different position.
  • You can customize the color, name and strips.
  • The visual of the game is good enough and with double view of the ground you can see the exact position of the ball, the player and the other players in the game.
  • You can keep track of your performance with the team statistics option.
  • Though the game is a paid one that costs $0.99, the free version is also available. However, you cannot customize the players and can only choose the easy mode with the computer.
  • The game supports several languages including English, Italian, French, German Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese.
  • The version 2.01 of the game requires OS X 10.6 or later, and takes around 3.8 MB space on your device.

Summary: Blo-ball is an attractive game of soccer for the MAC users with good compatibility and various modes of play. The game involves great graphics and sound quality. The game is a simple soccer game and the price you pay for the game is not much.

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