20-IN-1 Viaden Crazy Pack Slots HD : Beautiful Slot Machines

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I think that since slot machines have become a part of the App Store, I don’t remember playing any actual slot machine in the casino. I mean there’s no difference between the real and the virtual. Same gaming experience or I’d say even better because I don’t have to risk my money and still I can bet as much as I want. The suspense and excitement levels are same and the only difference that you might notice is the crowd around you in a casino. But still, the absence of that crowd isn’t worth our hundreds of dollars that we lose. But when there are so many slot machines, which one to choose? Today, we have another app related to slots. Let’s see how well it goes.

I am talking about the recently released iOS app, 20-in-1 Viaden Crazy Pack Slots HD that has been developed by Viaden Games. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later version of the OS. Nowadays, the old traditions are gone. Initially what we used to have was a single slot machine only. That thing has changed similar to Poker where many different Poker games are assembled in one single app. The same thing goes here as well.

This app is a combination of 20 different slot machines. To name a few, some of them includeJour de l’amour, Easter Feast, Maverick Saloon,Maya Pyramid, Legend of Unicorn, Luxor Valley, Coffee Time, Empire’s Glory, etc. Not boasting any special features, the slot machines are average when it comes to the gameplay. Autospin feature has also been included though.

The graphics of the app are the stand out point. They are bright, colourful and sharp. The slots are really beautiful. Whether it were the beautiful items such as gifts, cats, dragons, etc. or the hot ladies, everything was stunning. By the way, those hot ladies were part of the bonus. There are lots of items involved overall. There are 20 achievements to be unlocked and they too consist of fruits and cocktails. So, there is a lot of variety among the stuff. Also, the music was charming and very entertaining. The app overall gives you a feeling as if you are sitting inside a casino and trying different slots one by one. It is really amazing.

The app is available in the App Store. Now, there’s nothing else that I can ask for. If we look at the offer, then we are getting 20 different slot machines with lots of attractive items for free. I won’t say it to be a completely unique experience, but there’s so much to experience that it completely pays off. I highly recommend this app to any casino lover. And even if you’re not, I bet you’d become.

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