SexyShake Live Wallpaper : Make Home Sceen More Sexy !

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One of the things that you would want to pay special attention to in your smartphone is your home screen wall-paper. It keeps you attached to your phone and also speaks a lot about your personality, style and taste. The first thing that you see on your device is your wallpaper and hence you will want it to be something that livens up your mood.

Understanding this concept, numerous android apps perform the basic function of providing you with still and live wallpapers for your home screen. Some even try adding additional features besides just the wallpapers. If you are looking for such an app, then SexyShake live wallpaper is just the perfect app for you. This android app has a vivid collection of beautiful and sexy live wallpapers, which you are allowed to change as often as you wish to.

SexyShake live wallpaper is not like the regular wallpaper apps. It is differently sensuous and sexy. What gives it this edge is that once you set it as your home screen wallpaper, you just have to shake your phone to watch the model dance for you. This app has six sexy, hot and beautiful models to look forward to and you can take a close look at them dancing too.

Another additional striking feature that stands is that when you caress or rub the model, she will make a really nice gesture at you. This cannot be explained until you see it with your very own eyes. To change the model, you simply have to double click on it. Besides this, there is an array of real music videos that have been integrated with this app’s software.

You can enjoy the dance of the 6 models and their videos thoroughly. The basic concept of shaking the device to make the model dance is a new and innovative one that is also very easy to use. Changing the wallpaper model is also very simple a task. Every time the model is rubbed, hot and sexy emotions are displayed by the model. To make things real, the models used are real and are not a play of 3D graphics or art.

When you swipe your home screen, the model does not begin dancing. This keeps the app limited as a wallpaper, keeping it from interfering with your other basic android device functions. The app is vibrant and colorful with good costumes and dance to watch and enjoy. This app is free of any form of 3D graphics or animation, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

To load this app, you require an android device with Android 2.2 or later. It also needs all of 85m of space on your device. It has been priced at Rs. 106.62, which is truly worth what the app provides over other wallpaper apps that boast about a lot but disappoint you in the end. The main disadvantage of this app is that it can be quite a drain on your device’s battery as it is a video-based app.

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