Aces Gin Rummy : Play Animated and Get Animated

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Concrete software has proven its excellence in developing more lively games. Out of which the classic card game Aces Gin Rummy is given life recently by them. If you even played a Gin Rummy then you will get addicted to this game if you start playing. Concrete software made sure they are entertaining and keep you interested to play more and more games.

The most important key factor about this game is its animated characters. These characters makes the game lively and keeps you entertain by their animations. You have a total of eleven players to select from the stock, which includes well dressed up ladies, gentlemen, animals and Robot. You will never feel bored when you play against one such animated characters. The look and feel of the game is simple, attractive, and lively and tailor made to fit for a Gin Rummy. You can select your animated avatar and setup a name for your avatar by navigating to the settings tab. The graphics, background and the card faces will surely enthuse you get involved more in the game.

The game can be paused any moment and can be resumed whenever you feel comfortable. The difficulty level of the game is made sure it entertains all audience including a rookie to Gin Rummy. The Easy difficulty level is the best one if you never played a Gin rummy and it allows you to learn how to play a Gin Rummy easily. The medium difficulty level is for an intermediate player and the Hard is for an expert. The difficulty level can be easily adjustable depending on your skills using the settings tab. You can also set a high end winning target in the same settings tab.The winning target can be set to 100, 150, 250 or 300. 100 target is for a short and quick game where as 300 is for a prolonged game play.

The scoring rules are similar to that of traditional Gin Rummy. You will get a 100 point bonus for winning a game against these peculiar animated characters. If you shut your opponent you will receive a bonus of double points, whereas if you have won a hand then you will receive a bonus of 20 points. They call these bonus points as line bonus. The look and feel of score board is simple and precise to get the hand wise winning details of each players and a total at the end to give you a clear idea of winning score.

There are more and more similar Gin Rummy games available in the market for Android devices but when you start playing Aces Gin Rummy then you will be all set to vanish other games. Yes, if you have an android device and if you miss the real fun of traditional Gin Rummy then this game is a must try for you. You won’t find any card lively like Aces Gin Rummy, concrete software has made sure of the lively fun part of this game.

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