Fitness : Bring Out the Fit and Slim Side of You

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It is a common new year’s resolution to get your body in shape. However, it does not work out for most simply because they do not know how to go about it in the right way. If you are among those people, then the new iOS app Fitness is just what you need to guide you through this transformation in yourself.

Fitness is an app that will be a complete excellent mentor for your fitness needs. There are workouts that have been especially designed by experts and individual exercises that fit your needs to choose from. It has all that you can need to help you cut the flab including videos, photos, information, training plans tailored to your requirements, calorie counter, magazines and all that you can think of. Achieving a slim and fit body is no longer a Herculean task with this app.

Fitness provides you with a variety of workouts to choose from as per your body capabilities and your specific needs. While exercise is one method to keep track of your weight, you also need to monitor your diet. Simply because you are what you eat. To help you out with this, Fitness comes with a calorie counter so that you know exactly how much to eat and how much you have to burn out.

The instruction videos are HD quality and have been made very well. The grouping as per the equipment, muscles and body parts is very helpful when you are looking for a specific workout. There are how-to’s in the form of text, photos and muscle maps to make the videos easily comprehensible to everyone. To help you keep a regular track, this app also has charts and logs. You can keep account of your body parameters like body fat, sugar level in blood, blood pressure, heart rate and lot more.

Fitness is quite customizable and easy to use. In case you do not like any of the present existing exercises, then you can work with the experts to design your very own workout regime. You can share this with others too. The Fitness magazines are an additional set of idea and alternatives to try out by yourself. These magazines have many new ideas like recipes, articles and workout plans.

Fitness is available for both iPhone and iPad both at the cost of $0.99. The app gives you all that you can achieve from hours of gymming. Creating a personal workout on the app is slightly tedious but can be quite rewarding in the long run. Carrying an iOS device to the gym for the sake of following the instructions is truly worth the risks involved in doing so.

Fitness is a complete fitness app that has the magic formula to lose weight in no time. You can suit it to suit your needs and workout as much as you want. The workout plans and the calorie counter and other features that give this app an edge over the millions that exist over the world for the same theme. Fitness is a must-try app for those who wish to keep their body in good shape.

Good: Wide range of workouts to choose from, customizable workouts

Bad: None.

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