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Sometimes you get bored even with your favorite mobile games. Do you know why? It is because, they are monotonous and there is the same display, same sorts of elements and same screenplay. However, there are some iTunes games where the game changes every now and then and you can go on playing the game for as much time as possible. There is always an excitement to see what is going to come in the next level and this keeps the interest going strong, till you have played all the levels. TouchMii by Distab is one such fun game that collaborate 10 different mini games which ensure complete fun.

TouchMii is a multi game app where there are several mini games and the display is something that the makers should take pride of. You are going to start your fun journey with Richmii who is the central character and its friends. The character is quite cute but the mini games are challenging. You require to memorize, calculate, multi tap and control and all the action has to be done fast. To make the game even more interesting there are achievements. This is a paid iTunes game will lots in store, achievements, power ups and most importantly diamonds. The more you collect the better it is.


  • Touchmii is an ITunes game with loads of mini games that are exciting and fun. There are 10 games in total and every game has different rules. The number of mini games is growing in regular interval.
  • The mini games are packed with features and they are quite different. In some games you will have to memorize things while in some game, the control is important. In some games fast multi tapping is required while in some games just smooth touch control will be required.
  • There are different achievement levels to reach in the game.
  • You can collect as many diamonds as possible as you move on with the game. There are 33 achievements in the game and ranks that you can achieve.
  • Once you pay $0.99 for purchasing the game, you are entitled to new mini games that come with the game update.
  • You can share your score with friends on GameCenter and Facebook.
  • Great and cute graphics is strength of the game.
  • The game is available on all iDevices, you only require iOS 4.3 or later on the device.
  • This is a new game and its version 1.0 takes around 29.3 MB space on your device.

Summary: TouchMii is a touch based iTunes game that incorporates more than 10 mini games. You can play any game that you like and you will never get bored of it. The game is a value for money with $0.99 spent for a good application.

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