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Pictures are the essence of the beauty of this world. If the photographer is good, you can portrait any emotion whether it is funny, romantic, joy and sometimes this perfect art of capturing the emotions leaves you expressionless. I’m not going too poetic nor do I have that good knowledge about photography, but I also have a personal collection that I still admire. The image quality is touching the sky even with in Smartphones offering up to 41MP of camera clarity. Though there is nothing more beautiful than the original one, but still now we’re used to seeing anything in a modified form of representation. Even if you upload a picture as a cover photo of your Facebook account, it goes through different phases of editing from Picasa or any other image editor. There’s no harm in it if you can make it look better than the original. But with what we’re going next, it’s guaranteed.

I am talking about the new Android app called Your Camera+ that has been developed by NikolayRomodanov. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 4.0 or later version of the OS. As the name dictates, it is a camera related app but it’s not at all what you normally get to see in the Play Store. It has got some magical effects that will blow you away. From the first instance, it was unique and different and as soon as I saw some of its works, I was amazed.

The basic idea of the app is that once you click, the app will take up to 9 images which can be either same or different depending upon your settings. There are 4 different programs and you can change the settings for each of the program. Add different effects to a program and then decide the number of images you want. When you are about to click a photo, choose the particular program and all the images will be saved to your camera roll with the same settings. Also you can take a look at the different effects and scenes to click individual photos. The name of the scene is shown at the upper right side.

There are lots of different controls in the app that are all present on the screen and it would be nice if you have a bigger phone because otherwise very little space will be left for you to see the picture. The effects were really meaningful; I mean I’ve seen a lot of apps where two different effects are same other than their name. You can also use both your front as well as rear camera for taking pictures. There is a zoom slider as well located at the lower half of the screen.

The app is priced at $1.99 and I think it’s a very good price for this one. So, just go for this one.

Pros: amazing effects; many different frames; 4 different programs with manual settings; both rear and front camera supported.

Cons: none.

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