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The app world has truly never seen an app like the iLA or Inspired Living application, offering a tried and tested business model with an extremely innovative program. It offers money making opportunities at a basic cost of merely $9.95 a month, allowing the user to participate in the program for becoming an iLA Associate. The App has been developed by John Rodgers along with John Marr through Savage Apps. The catchy slogan of the app reads “The app that pays in so many ways.” The app is compatible with both the Android and the iOS platform.


  • Three types of enrolment are available: Free enrolment; retail customer and Associate.
  • The app offers a video for professional development on a weekly basis.
  • The videos are in several topics, such as building wealth or developing of your business and cover topics, such as personal finance or leadership qualities and so on.
  • Other topics covered in the videos are related to: Goal setting; personal motivation; time management; personal development and many others.
  • There is also an archive in the app where you can access all previous videos of past weeks.
  • The videos feature experts in the industry, providing valuable content.
  • It has been created in the forced matrix model, so people who join the program early will enjoy the advantage of what is termed as the spill over.
  • The videos are delivered to the user by means of an app on the phone or the tablet.
  • Anyone can gain access to the app by becoming an Affiliate that begins at the rate of $9.95 for a month and then goes on to becoming an affiliate of the cash earning type.
  • The retail customer can also participate in the program and get the app at $6.95 for a month. However, he cannot get commissions, but only the app.
  • It is a low cost program offering value every week.
  • Even those not taking part in the option for Associate marketing can access the weekly videos.
  • Active members, both retail and associate, can access the vault, which offers additional resources.
  • Active members can also use the share screen for sharing the app with someone else with an automatic link having promotional videos and iLA graphics.

The Good

iLiving  is an app that has a very good delivery platform for the content. The average person can make money by receiving information from professionals in the industry. Even those who don’t have a mobile device can make use of the app through a regular website and achieve excellence in life. The user gets motivation and inspiration for achieving his or her goals.

The Bad

When you sign up for the program, you will get a personal website, but this is a mass produced one for all the associates.


The iLA is a mobile application that can motivate and inspire you to make money with the help of videos delivered through the app to your mobile device. The matrix program helps you to work from home or when travelling. Videos on a wide range of topics are offered with experts giving their opinion and advice on a wide range of topics to help you be your own boss and make money.

Worth Having Application –  Download the application

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