Jump Out! : Fun and Addiction in the Same App

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If you are bored of the usual un-enterprising android app games and are looking for something new, intuitive and fun, then Jump Out! is where your search ceases. A lot of time and innovation has gone into polishing this game and giving it a fine clear edge over others in its genre. Jump Out! comprises of over 140 levels full of seamless fun. The main aim is to hit a given target.

If you happen to be a fan of Angry Birds, then here is a game that borrows some of its concepts and encases them in a whole new layer of fun and addictiveness. It works on the principles of physics, which requires one to determine the most apt direction of launch of the character. In this android app, you have bugs for your weapons and you have to get them to land in a defined location.

There are various levels of varying difficulty so that people of all ages can enjoy it to its fullest potential. Due to its requirement of sufficient planning, logic and strategy, it has been rated for the age group of 8+. To make the game interesting, there are four different characters, each with unique personality traits and looks. There are many levels at present and the number is being increased by the day.

The basic idea of Jump Out! is to help the bugs leap or jump out from a plethora of life-threatening situations, as they rotate on sprockets. These perilous situations range from getting stuck and caught up in computers and cardboard boxes. As you help the bugs by saving their lives, you are rewarded with stars. To save these bugs, you simply have to launch them, that is, tap your screen and drag your finger away from the bug, and then release it. This will cause the bug to leap off a sprocket.

Each time you drag your finger, the direction is indicated by a thin line that appears on your screen to show the direction of launch. This can be quite a blessing oftentimes as it helps one decide what obstacles he will encounter and where his final destination would be. You’re also given the choice of leaving out the launch of those bugs that are too hard to launch as you have to get one bug right to make it to the next higher level.

The characters in this game are very cute and adorable, making you want to save them. The insects are especially cute. A number of animations have been added to some to make them addictive. The shrimps move in a bubble and crickets make eye movements for example. When you tap them, they respond with a ‘hallo’.

Another great factor about Jump Out! is that it is not too hard, unlike many of the  games in its niche. ‘Fun’ would be the perfect word to describe it for sure. The graphics have been done excellently and the controls are both intuitive and simple. This free android app is guaranteed to delight people of all ages.

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