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When it comes to being efficient, one of the first rules of business is making everything that you own as productive as possible. With an Android, one of the best ways that you can accomplish this is through incorporating powerful Android apps so that you can get your daily tasks done, meet your goals, and improve your business all at once. Here are some of the most important apps that should add to your Android

 Documents to Go

One of the apps for  your Android is the Documents to Go. The latest version is 3.0, and it supports all of the latest Adobe and Office formats. Not only that, it is compatible with Google Docs. The best part is that the basic version is free. You can try it out and use it before you decide to upgrade. It will allow you to work on your documents while you’re waiting at the bus station or in a doctor’s office. Because it uses InTact Technology, your documents will be undamaged and remain in the formatting that you initially prepared the document in.

Tripit Travel Organizer

When handling your business, you have to make sure that you keep everything organized. You have to decide which business phone service to use and which tax preparation service to use. The challenge comes when you have to do a lot of business traveling. Business travels are frequently filled with last minute changes. You don’t want to be lugging around a huge packet of papers. And you have to make sure that you are coordinating with everyone else who is going on that trip. This is why TripIt Travel Organizer is a must have. It allows you to create your itinerary and sync it up with your clients or colleagues. You can prepare all of the information that you need along with cataloguing everything from your ticket number to your flight times. It is a free application for most uses, although you will have to purchase a business plan for more extensive options.


Next to handling travel plans and getting to business meetings, figure out how you should prepare expenses is one of the biggest headaches. This free application helps you to save information and document it. Even if you aren’t working for someone else, this is helpful for preparing your taxes and claiming the deductions that you deserve. You can either input the information manually or you can snap receipt photos. From there, you can create your expensive reports. All of the features are free on this Android application, although they do accept donations.

Smart Notes

Even with Documents to Go, sometimes you will be able to make use of an application like Smart Notes. It’s another free Android application. Through this, you can take voice memos and then automatically translate it into numerous languages. Additionally, it has features for sharing and protecting. The information is backed up to the Cloud. This way you can access it from any Internet connected account.

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