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I don’t know how many of you are interested in clicking some photos but it’s a universally established fact that everyone here is interested in earning money. The process of online money making is always a “dream come true” for a person if he/she earns a good amount sitting at home. All you need is the ability to work for others in a particular field. But what I’m going to discuss next doesn’t even need a particular talent. I mean if you’re a good photographer, it’s a plus point; but even if you’re not, you may still earn yourself some bucks. So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and read out your will!

Clashot – remember this name because sooner or later this app is going to change your fortune. The developer of this app, Depositphotos has come out with a unique and interesting concept of a social networking website like Instagram where you can publish your work and get paid. It’s more like working for an organization as a professional photographer and if your photos sound good to them, you’ll be paid for it. Your mind must be going crazy by now and so was mine when I heard of it.

So what you do is first create an account on their app and then allow them to take your photos for sale. Then as you upload your photos to a report (that’s what they call an album), your photos will get shortlisted upon search by clients. Therefore make sure that you put all proper keywords, tags and description while uploading them. Once your photos get selected, you’ll be paid 44% of the actual payment done by the client. You can either link your PayPal or Webmoney account to receive the payment but it might take up to a week for the payment to be processed.

The whole idea seems to be perfect. But the developer wanted to not just limit it to a buyer/seller market and that’s why the interface has been chosen to be similar to Instagram. You can follow other users, like and comment on their reports and get followed by others based on your work. You can also share your reports on Facebook or Twitter to raise its popularity.

Though the moon appears to be completely white from the earth, the darker spots appear only when we get closer to it. The same situation is here. Though you’re uploading your photos to their server, there is no guarantee that your work will be selected by someone. Even if you’re better than others, it may happen that the client ignores your work by mistake due to large number of users already in the queue. What I’m trying to say is that you may get the exposure or you may not; anything can happen. But once you do, it might be easier for you to get more selections. So you should definitely try for this one. After all, it is free of cost.

Pros: original concept; a good way to earn money; intuitive UI; a get together with other field experts; free.

Cons: you might get lost in the crowd.

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