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Sometime, knowing the choice and preferences of the customers is more important than promotions and when you get a bird’s eye view of the world of advertisement works, you can never fail in achieving the same. Knowing the inner strength of the organization, advertiser, company, or mediator will let you know what is in store for you in the business and if you are a distributor or looking for a business expansion, whom you should consider for the same. provides all such required data to its users which can be quite effective for their businesses. The website fetches the data from the online sources and provides you the correct result which is driven by the system. is an online tracker of page views for the popular website. For example, if your website belongs to the food and beverage section, you can just take a sneak peak of the market condition of the food platform on internet and you can check the market share of different companies in their page view. The same can be done for choosing the advertisers. This is quite beneficial for the new businesses as they know whom to follow and whom to avoid in the market. If you have a food related website, you can track your position in terms of page views and then check what the company with the highest page view is doing to increase its market share. The software makes the tracking quite easy and prominent. There are certain features of the software that requires mention.


  • is a website or software for tracking the progress data of publisher, advertisers and mediation.
  • The software provides you a close view of the market share of different companies in the specific sector.
  • The software can also let you know about the progress of a publisher and who are the most efficient advertiser for them.
  • Adclarity provides transparency and improves visibility of the advertising rules that are now dominating the market.
  • You can check for the campaigns that the company introduced in last few days or month.
  • The software provides you result for the last 3 months, 3 days, 1week, 2 weeks, 2 months and one day. Based on your requirement you can choose the time duration.
  • You can always get the data in the form of a pie chart and that would provide you a better look out.
  • You can choose the country for which you want to see the data.
  • You can see the number of similar publisher who are working on the same item.
  • You can check the data for mediator, campaigns, advertisers, and the number of monitored pages.
  • You can visit the link of the pages provided by the software directly from that page and can also follow or share the advertiser or follower in twitter and Facebook.
  • This is a web based application with prominent guidelines to show you the path.

Summary: Adclarity is a web based app that provides visibility and transparency which is essential for new business opportunities. It is an app that provides your business a competitive advantage over others and provides complete analysis of the advertising market.

Good: You can always check the usefulness of the app through its free trial. The data provided are authentic and true.

Bad: The monitored territory does not include many of the crucial market economies of the  world.

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