Minox : A Whole New Adventure Quest

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Are you bored of your monotonous life and are in search for something exciting and adventurous to engage you? If your answer is yes, then your search ends at Minox, an Android app that promises a good lot of adventure and fun. Sail onto the Minox Island where a whole new world awaits you with a new quest and a lot of surprises.

The mission at hand is to set out on a number of exciting quests and tame wild Minox. On your path, you will find many Arena Trainers whom you have to battle against. You got to attain the title of the ultimate Master Trainer. This game is about testing if you got what it takes to win that onerous title.

There are a total of 100 levels to keep you engaged. Once you start playing it, you’re pretty surely going to get hooked to it. You have the responsibility to train and tame your pet. On the way, you will encounter a lot of town folk who will seek your help with myriad tasks. You got to dutifully help them complete those tasks.

Another exciting twist to the game is to protect and save Minox as cruel Fur Traders kill these innocent beings for their skin. To accomplish this, you have to stay in touch with and continually assist a group called the Secret Agents as they perform the noble task of rescuing Minox. You will meet a lot of new Minox on your quest. You have to capture them, train them as pets and take good care of them. If you do this well enough, you could end up winning many exciting prizes and titles in the PvP Arena.

As you set out on the quest of the title of the Master Trainer, you will have to go through quite a bit. There are 5 towns that you have to cross, along with surrounding areas. To train your pets, there are 100 levels altogether and also a level up. A huge number of requests from the NPC await you, which count to over 70. You also have to brave and win a lot of NPC battles. Thus, your journey is full of hurdles that you have to conquer and make it to the top.

What gives this game an edge is that it is entirely free of cost. Some special items can be purchased with cash to increase your chances of winning the game. If you are a new player, then you need an internet connection only for the initial stages during the Registration and then the Log In. Following this, you don’t require a net connection to continue this game as the game is then stored unto your mobile device. Hence, you can access it anytime from anywhere even in the absence of an internet connection.

The game characters are really cute and adorable and make the game worth playing indeed. Although simple, it is very engaging and addictive.  The user interface is very colorful and attractive such that it immediately sparks interest among players. The gameplay too is very unique and intuitive. Once you start playing, you won’t be able to put it down.

Good: Cute characters and good concept, does not require an internet connection

Bad: Although the game is free, you have to pay to purchase some items.

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