FreshBooks Cloud Accounting Application Review

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Accounts make the most crucial part in every business. Whether you deal with a few clients or a number of clients, in every case, the system of accounting needs to be perfect and transparent for proper growth of the business. In order to make the whole accounting system easy and seamless, FreshBooks has come up with their cloud accounting solution, which is the best way to deal with all your accounting needs.

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The Cloud Accounting Solution

Cloud accounting is the latest technology driven system that offers ease of access and highest security of the stored data. In this case, instead of saving your crucial accounting information in a single or two hard drives, the information is stored directly in a data cloud, which can be accessed easily at anytime from anywhere through proper authentication procedure. The technology supports high security through automatic regular backups and at the same time provides high accessibility.

Ease of Use

The basic aim of the FreshBooks cloud accounting solution is to make the process of accounting simple and spontaneous. The front end of the application has been designed in an uncomplicated way so that it can be well utilised even by the newbies. Moreover, they provide great customer support and the users can have a direct talk with a guide any time between 9 am to 6 pm on the week days. There are continuous upgrades for the tool that are automatically installed without any hassle or slowing down the on-going process.

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Available on Any Devices

You can access the tool from any of your devices be it your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet.  Irrespective of the type of device you use and carry with you, your FreshBooks account is always accessible to you from anywhere and through any device. The mobile application enables to check your details even while you are on go, thus keeping you updated to the moment. The application also has this unique capacity for easy collaboration on different projects.

Saving Time and Expenses

FreshBooks is the best way to get organized. With the help of this online cloud based accounting tool you can generate invoices in no time, saving both time and money. You can send the generated invoice to the client directly from the software and will also get a receipt token with the invoice viewing time and date mentioned on it, which can be very helpful for future reference.  Your client can check the invoice from the received mail and can also make the payment directly from it. The whole process is completed seamlessly within a short time frame and without any hassle at any part and this can be a good reason to choose you for business.

Accounting Reports and Taxes

FreshBooks also helps you to keep a track of all your reports and taxes. You can easily import expenses, track the whole amount you have invoiced, total amount of paid taxes and get the reports on your fingertips at any time you need them with the help of this application. This tool can help you to generate accounts aging reports, expense reports, and even the balance sheet for your business. Most interestingly, you can export your reports from FreshBooks to Excel or CSV just through a few clicks of mouse, if required.

FreshBooks is a great accounting tool that has gained quick popularity within the small business housesdue to its high efficiency and effectiveness.


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