Trouble keeping your kids occupied without subjecting them to senseless TV shows? With glitzy and glamorous entertainment options these days, it is quite a task to get your kid to read a nice book instead. At a time when old fashioned hobbies like reading, writing and sensible music are increasingly going out of vogue, digital apps have found a new way to bring them back for the tech-whiz kids of today. iPhone app Monster Jam is an eclectic fusion of a rock band with a book which is sure to make your kid go wow!

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Monster Jam developed by Michelle Anaya of Blue Sandpiper Imprints is aimed at the age group of 4-8 years. Earlier a similar book app, ‘Grendel’s Great Escape’ was developed by Anaya, which was a roaring success. Monster Jam is a special book based on the story of a little monster determined to take the world of rock music by a storm. The main character ‘Axe’ and his garage band ‘The Groundhogs’ are eager to make it big at the annual Monster Jam festival. But when just a few days before the show the band’s lead singer loses her voice, all hopes rest with a new replacement singer that the band must find soon. What ensues then is the story.

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  • Monster Jam is a children’s book app with an innovative Rock Music theme to build reading skills and music awareness and to improve problem solving as a team in order to achieve goals.
  • The app utilizes narration, touch interaction, animation and games to make the experience truly unique without being patchy.
  • The original music and sound effects of this app are very effective in enticing young music lovers and beautifully introduce them to the world of Rock music.
  • With beautiful illustrations and an inspiring story, the app makes an excellent narrative.
  • It can be played on both single and two player mode, being highly interactive either way.
  • In the band activity, the player can choose one out of three musical instruments like electric guitar, keyboard and drums which they can play in a specially made song.
  • This iPhone app gives a welcome relief from ads and purchase options.
  • For added safety of young children, location and social networking are unavailable for this app, thus putting it in line for the intended age group.
  • Monster Jam is downloadable on the web
  • It is compatible with iPad requiring an iOS 4.3 or advanced.
  • It is available in English.
  • The current version of Monster Jam is 1.0.0.
  • This free app takes up 46.9 MB on your iPhone.