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Data protection and privacy control are some of the most important topics of discussion on a national level. Individuals are finding reliable and trusted ways in which they can protect their data and safeguard their valuable information. When critical information such as bank details, account transactions, passwords, confidential emails etc., falls in the hands of the wrong individuals it will have detrimental effects creating unnecessary problems and troubles. The advancement in technology has given us the freedom to use a wide variety of devices for accessing all our information from any place and at any time. Smart phones are the one of the most common electrical devices that are used for accessing documents, but the documents which are stored, accessed and modified in these devices can be protected by effective means. Doc Vault is one such app which helps the users to protect their valuable personal information from being misused. Doc Vault app has been developed and launched by Power App GmbH for the iPhone and iPad users. The app is compatible with iOS 4.3 or later versions.

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Doc Vault is a perfect vault for protecting all kinds of documents; the specialty of this app is that it works independently from the iPhone or the iPad’s pass lock. The documents of the users are protected even when someone unlocks the phone using a passcode.  Doc Vault protects your photos, music, movies and any kind of documents that is stored in your iPhone or iPad. The app informs the customer with information about every failed login attempt when accessing protected information. It sends an email with picture and exact GPS co-ordinates to the pre-configured email address when an invalid code is entered for accessing your protected information. This feature helps in ensuring the maximum safety of your documents and also aids in taking further action in an immediate manner.

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  • The app contains two types of locks, the graphic lock and numeric lock. Users can draw a graphical figure to access their files or provide a numerical combination to access their files.
  • A separate browser feature functions to protect the browsing history; the app also offers an exclusive tool with which the users can create and store their PDF’s in a safe manner.
  • The app is very easy to navigate and is designed in a user-friendly manner.
  • It is the ultimate tool for protecting your data and offers extreme privacy for organizing and working with your documents.
  • The device in which the app is installed can be used separately without causing any disturbance to your protected information.


Doc Vault is the best choice when it comes to data protection and security. Users can keep all their valuable information locked and access them at their convenience. This great app is available for just $0.99, and can be easily downloaded from the app store.  Download the app and protect your valuable information.


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