Aquator : Save Underwater World from Evil

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If you have always wanted to be a savior, then Aquator is here to fulfill your wish. The sea is in great peril and you must rescue it. Aquator, an Android app, requires you to be the hero and save the underwater world without disrupting peace. So, get out there and save the world. Developed by Vacanta AG, this game makes swimming with fish fun as you save them from evil.

Like all great games, Aquator too has an underlying storyline. You take over the role of the amazing Aquator as you defend the Seas from evil AquaMonsters. These monsters will teach your young fishes the worst things like eating with dirty fins, picking their noses and more. You have to keep all this from happening.


The gameplay is quite simple too. You just have to tilt your Android device from side to side to move the Aquator front and back. You have a phaser-like weapon that fires automatically, saving you the pain of having to continually tap your screen. On your rout, you will encounter many different enemies with varying capabilities and stamina. You travel through the waters and destroy all kinds of fishes on your way, including big ones that will try to defend themselves. To keep going, you have to keep fish from slipping pat you and keep yourself from getting hit too often.

If you are in an emergency, then simply hit the Nuke button, which will destroy all fishes on your current screen. This is useful when you are surrounded by numerous fish from all sides. However, be careful to spend this weapon carefully as it takes a considerable amount of time to reload after each usage. The gameplay is unique and simple indeed and will keep you engaged for a long time once you start playing. Learning this game is easy but mastering it is quite difficult. It takes a good amount of practice to make good scores and save the underwater world.


Aquator has many cool features such as power-ups and cot weapons. While playing, you’ll find many boosts. Keep a look out for them. There is an option to connect the game with your Google account to view leaderboards and earn achievements too. A few levels of varying difficulties would do the trick.

The game itself is quite simple. While this might seem good at first, it can get old quite quickly. A few more suits and characters would make it more engaging indeed. There could be more environments. For a free app, this one has quite many features and gives you a good amount of excitement, adventure and fun as well. If you want fun with a simple game, then Aquator is an ideal game for you. All you need is Android 2.3 or higher.


The graphics are awesome and quite pleasing. The fun is unlimited as you go about the onerous task of saving fishes from the AquaMonsters. With a simple gameplay, this free app has quite a lot to offer. It could have been much better though.

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