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If you think that you are a good typist, then it is time to test your skills. Get started on this with the iOS app QDict Lite. Challenge those you know and those you don’t know at random to prove yourself the bets typist on the surface of this planet. Are you equal to this task?

If typing fast is your thing, then this game will be a delight for you. It tests and helps you develop your typing skills. Also, you can play with more than one person at a time, beating them all at the same time.


Challenge your typing skills against a wide range of opponents. You could select among your very own friends to compete against or let the app match you with a suitable opponent selected at random. Nonetheless, it helps you gauze and compare your typing skills with the other person adequately. It has varying game types and a ticking clock to beat. This single player game is expansive and engaging indeed.

If you are looking to polish your typing skills, then you could switch to single player mode and compete with yourself. After all, mastering your own skills is equally important. With QDict Lite, this is a cakewalk. This app helps you test your skills in multiple languages too. You can choose between Dutch, English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

The user interface is extremely simple to work with, having been kept free of too much clutter. It is bright, colorful and attractive indeed. All you have to do is first select a language of your choice, choose between single- player or multi- player and get started. Type out the words specified in the least possible time while the clock keeps ticking. At the end of the round, you can see your timing as a chart. You can share your high scores of Facebook or Twitter or simply keeping playing it time and again to better your skills. There are many rounds for you to keep yourself engaged.


The simplicity of the app and the perfection with which it does all that it does is what makes it worth it. Plus, it helps you master your typing skills in no time for free. With its challenges, you can also know where you stand, continuously evaluate yourself to get better each time. With a good amount of practice, you can develop tremendous typing speeds unlike what you would have imagined before downloading this app.

Developed by QDict BV, QDict Lite is a useful app that will help you develop your talents as a typer. It merely requires an iPod, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 5.1 or higher, having been optimized for the iPhone 5. It occupies only 68.1 MB of the memory space on your device. For an app that is available for free, it performs its task of helping you become a fast typer excellently. Its simple and user friendly interface, addictive gameplay, concept and superb features make it worth being downloaded.

Worth Having Application :  Download and Have Fun

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