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There are many things that your laptop or Smartphone can do for you but we are not familiar with them. That’s because we don’t have the right Software installed in our device. For example, a few days before I came across an extension for Facebook using which I can invite all my friends for any event at once. This has been very useful to me and I’m using it since. But you won’t find that extension right away on Google because it’s been developed by a person who is new in the industry. It was just my good luck that I came across it. But luck is not the same for everyone and therefore to make sure that you don’t miss them anymore, I am going to tell you about a website where you can find all those software whether they are popular or not.

The website I’m talking about is Just when you open the website, you’ll come across a long list of Software and then you’ll come to know about the world you were unaware of. There are so many Software and the list covers from the most popular ones to all the unrecognized works. That’s a pretty good thing as it gives the new developers a platform where they can showcase their talent.

Now talking about the design of the webpage, in the middle there is a list of all the different software. The list can be miscellaneous or can belong to a particular category. On the left hand side, you can find all the different categories and may choose from one of them. Moreover, you can also search any Software or app by the name from the top. On the right hand side, there is a list of the top 20 Software that have been downloaded most by the users. So you can go through it and find the ones doing best in the market.

On the top, all the different Operating Systems are specified for which Software are available on the website. The list contains all of the most widely used OS including Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, etc. So no matter what device you use, this website has got something in store for you.

There might be a confusion going in the head of some of the viewers that how’s this website able to capture all those Software at one place. Well, actually the working of the website is something different than you understand. It doesn’t own any of the Software because there are both free as well as paid Software and apps. The download button works as an external link to the original page where that particular download exists. So the downloading procedure might take a little longer than you expect but you’ll finally end up at the right place and you don’t have to roam around for any Software here and there.

Pros: all Software under one roof; helps new developers to reach wide market; support for all Operating Systems.

Cons: downloading procedure may take longer than expected.

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