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Nebo Tracks is a music game where you navigate a craft to fly on three different colored tracks. There are three buttons on the left such as fill path, bullets and booster. The game is somewhat similar to Guitar Hero. Enemy planes will destroy the path you are flying on. When this happens, you need to tap on “Fill Path” button to fill the gap so that your plane can safely continue the flight. However, there are scenarios where you cannot use the “fill path” button. In such cases, you just need to tap your finger on the touch screen to jump to the other safe track.
You can also use bullets to destroy the enemies before they destroy the tracks. However, I feel this option does not work well as the enemies destroy the tracks before you even can spot them.

There are three statistics – score, cash and number of enemies destroyed. The game judges your achievements based on these three criteria. You can obtain cash on the tracks. The only area of improvement I can see in this game is that there are certain game options which are disabled but there is no instructions telling the gamers on how to enable them. For example, I can only choose one craft. The game needs the player to explore on his own on how to use the shop feature. The help instructions available only help explain the game screen and controls.

Inside the shop, you can learn how to upgrade your ship’s abilities to fill path or shoot laser beams. You can also purchase upgrades to change the exterior of your ship. You can see the different ships rotate in a 3D view for you to see which ship you like to buy.
The game is packed with gorgeous graphics and nice sound effects. The user interface of the game is simple and easy to use. I love the game music even when I am not playing the game. The techno music in this game is nice to enjoy and relax myself.

The game tries to motivate the gamers by allowing them to post their high scores through Twitter, Facebook and Game Center. There is also an achievement section where players can feel gratified when they complete certain achievements. However, I feel the developers can improve the font size in this game. The words are too small to be seen by the player. There is also an advertisement screen that will appear when I am configuring some game settings. I feel the advertisements are uncalled for and not really related to the game itself.

In my opinion, this game has polished graphics and nice sound effects. However, the game needs to improve in areas such as clear instructions and having readable fonts. This game can still be played on a bus or train when you are bored and have nothing to do.

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