Taptrip: Travel Around the World with the Tap of Your Fingers

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Have you wanted to guide foreigners around and be a tour guide for your own homeland? Would you like to give an insightful outlook on your country to others and join international chats all across the world? The android app Taptrip enables you to learn more about the cultures of various nations by interacting and making new friends from across the globe. This app acts as a translator, allowing you to connect with a variety of people so that the language barrier is no more. Travel around the world virtually with this app.


The basic requirement is a Facebook account for you to log in. After syncing your account, you will be introduced to the app via a brief tutorial that has quite some detail. You have two options- to be a traveler and learn about the wonders of the world or to be a guide and show the wonders of your nation. Whatever be the case, you still learn a lot and interact with new people from around the world. It is much more than a game or an app.

tri2The basic point of the app is to allow you to know more about the world by allowing virtual travel and interaction. Visit places that are otherwise not easily viable and get to meet new people. The app will handle all language issues. Also, you can ask another person to upload pictures to give you a good idea and you can also do the same. Another positive point is that the app has a huge community of users so you can meet new people every day.

Taptrip supports 15 different languages including Hindi, Malay, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, German, Korean, Italian, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese and Russian. So, you no longer have to worry about communication problems. The text entered by you will be translated and sent to the user as per his choice of language and likewise for you. The translation is almost perfect, unlike most other apps.

tri3International travel is generally avoided due to the hefty costs that come into the picture. With this Android app, you can reduce these costs to an absolute zero and yet get to know the world. Messages are free of cost. All you need is a Facebook account.

Initially, when you first use this app, your travel is restricted to a single country. Following your first trip, more countries will be made available to you for travel. However, you are allowed to access a single country only for every 30 hours. The app must allow multiple trips simultaneously, just in case the country you have selected doesn’t have ample active users.

The user interface is very user friendly and easy to use. It is like any other chatting app that allows you to upload pictures too. Working with the app is very simple and the tutorial does a good job. If travel is your thing but your finances do not permit it, then Taptrip will allow you to travel to any part of the world, sitting on your couch.

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