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If you own a website or company, then you will sure know the value of a loyal and long-lasting customer. It is a group of these that breathe life into your site, helping your business flourish each day. While it is necessary to obtain new customers, it is more essential to keep these existing customers. After all, they are the main business providers. If you are finding it hard to retain these existing customers, then will help you do so.

The webapp targets existing high-value customers and helps you retain them with tools and strategies. These methods are both tried and tested time and again to help you hold back your valuable traffic.

Keepify helps you retain your valued customers by helping improve your site by tailoring it to their needs. Following the concepts of SEO, it helps you build the ranking of your page on search engine results. Not only does it encourage you to write content, but it encourages you to write the right kind of content.

Keepify takes into account the relevance or usability of your content first. It then helps make this content SEO friendly for the web. It helps you hire the best of technologies to provide the maximum convenience to your customers at all times. By providing various facilities, it helps your visitors feel more comfortable.

To make your website popular, Keepify helps you network in many ways. The most important among these being that it helps you create backlinks to your pages from important sites and commonly visited pages. In addition, it helps you promote your site in the best possible manner on social networks and media. This way, as more people get to hear of your site, your existing customers will feel pride in stating that they have been part of it for a good while already.

Also, it looks into things that will otherwise cause irritation among your customers and fixes them- the typical example being the 404 error page. Keepify helps sort out these errors by customizing these pages and other error pages too. Another important aspect that many website owners tend to ignore and forget is the domain registration. Keepify makes sure that the registration is extended when the need be.

By predicting and identifying the customers that are on the verge of leaving, it targets your campaigns around these people so that they may be effectively retained. This site is both split-testable and measurable. With the use of churn prediction research and advanced techniques in machine learning, the site helps you target the right customers at the most crucial time. In this way, it helps you value your valued customers and keep them to yourself.

All in all, Keepify does a good job of keeping your business up and running. By targeting precious customers and keeping them within your business, it breathes a new lease of life into your site. At the same time, its SEO techniques also help you gain more loyal customers each day. This site is a blessing indeed for all business websites.

Good: Advanced machine learning techniques to retain customers

Bad: None

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