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Do you think you are well-acquainted with the language English and have a good vocabulary? Irrespective of what you think of your spelling skills in English, the Android app Wellwrite! is here to test it and evaluate your knowledge of English spellings. It is a challenge for all those that consider themselves as spelling buffs.

Test your knowledge with words and see where you stand in the war of words. There are many rounds, each of which has twenty questions. In each round, difficult words may be represented in four different ways. You have to choose the right one among these four ways. You could test yourself against family and friends or test your own self. There are both single player and multiplayer options to choose between.


Another interesting feature of this game is that it not only tests you but helps you get better with each day. There is a progress report each time you play. You can view your own records, corrections and achievements so that you can better assess where you stand and also learn from your mistakes.

Besides this, you can also customize the app to suit your needs. In the settings menu, you can adjust sound effects for the game and also select a soundtrack to be played in the background. You can change the font or hide word choices. Also, you can share a screenshot of your game.

The layout and appearance of the app is very simple and sober. The concept of the game is focused upon, leaving out all the distracting animations and graphics out of the picture. It does require any fancy attractions to attract people. The background is a clean notebook style one with a clear-cut look. As the basis of the app is words, it only requires clear instructions and functionality. The design indeed enhances the purpose of the app.


The Wellwrite! app is available for free but there are in-app purchases to add additional words and levels and also to do away with ads. The words in the game are quite challenging and well assorted indeed. The ads, although present, do not stand out or distract one’s attention. The in-app purchases are only worth it if you wish to expand the word base.

There are many difficult levels to select among so that you can test at your level of spellings. The option of reviewing incorrect answers really helps for those that want to learn more words and better their spelling skills. This is a fun way to learn more words each day, all for free. Once you start playing, the challenge gets you hooked and addicted in no time.

It would also be nice if more than two players could be allowed to play at a time, especially for groups of friends. With the simple user interface and clean appearance, the concept and functionality of this game is indeed a tool for those that are looking to improve their English and also a litmus test for those that claim good spelling skills.

 Good: Clean appearance, correction options

Bad: Restricted to a maximum of two players at a time

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