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International calls are one of the most expensive methods of communication via mobile devices today. Even video and Skype calls are quite highly priced. If you wish to save some money and still connect to your international friends via calls, then the Android app International Calling by ChatTime will sure come in handy.


Unlike regular calls, you no longer have to rely on a 3G or a 4G signal anymore. This also means that this app can be used for those phones that are not smartphones. The call rates are great and the app comes with a free trial credit sum of $2. Based on the destination, the call rates vary but are maintained within a reasonable range at all times.

As per the price ranges and services offered, the general idea would be that the call quality will be compromised upon. This is not at all true in the case of International Calling. The call quality is superb and comes with great rates too. You can test with the free credit and then go in for additional credit through the in-app purchases.


The user interface has been highly simplified to maintain the focus of the app on its functionality instead. If you make numerous international calls, this service will sure help you. In case you are not convinced enough, try out the app with free credit balance and evaluate it for yourself. It is not an alternative to VOIP connections n place of WiFi. The call quality is consistent as it relies on a mobile network. Thus, the call quality is not compromised based on the distance between callers.

Unlike other apps in its niche, you do not have to log in to a website to get support, in-app purchases and keep track of your account information all within this app. Te app also integrates with your existing contacts list. The user interface is highly intuitive and simple. It can be used even by beginners with ease.

If you wish to talk to friends over video calling, then ChatTime is a bad choice. It does not support video calling. If you want consistent calls of good quality, then handling it is a better option.

If you are on a holiday, meeting or stuck up with international work, this app will indeed come as a savior for you. In order to earn extra creditd, you just have to introduce the app you in all ways and through Google groups, Twitter, Facebook and more. The amount saved is proportional to the number of people invited by you. There are additional in-app purchases too to help you make the most of this app.

With ChatTime International Calling, it is no longer a tedious task with high calling rates. Enjoy voice international calls at reasonable rates. Using the app is very simple and it comes with many benefits too. It is as transparent as could possibly be. Every call displays the number, current time and other necessary details just like a normal calls but leaves out the price out of the equation.

Good: Call quality and calling rates

Bad: No video calls

Worth Having Application :  Download the App

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