PBA Bowling Challenge- Hone Your Bowling Skills

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While bowling is not generally considered a sport or art by most, it takes some effort to understand that it is not as simple as just rolling a boulder of a ball out of your hands. Throwing it down the alley to knock down the maximum number of pins is a skill indeed. This is one of those skills that are not very well recognized in the world of sports. While it is not very entertaining to watch, there is a general lack of interest and awareness towards the game. The iOS app PBA Bowling Challenge is here to give it its due importance.

pba1When one thinks of bowling, it is for one of these two major reasons- fun or competition. PBA bowling challenge introduces the bowling skill on the iOS and strikes a good balance between the two. It is compatible with all iOS devices having version 2.3 or higher. It mimics a real bowling alley almost perfectly so that you can give it your level best to pin down the pins.

The layout of the app is quite interesting and innovative. There are two modes- career and quick game. If you are looking forward to polish your skills with practice, then the quick game mode is ideal. It helps you prepare yourself for the tournament.

pba2The career mode is where the challenge sets in. To begin with, you have to compete with average players in a number of games. Clearing this, you then gain entry into the tournament. In the tournament, you get to play against one among the top worldwide players. Upon emerging victorious, you earn yourself golden pin credits and points.

Control of the game is quite easy and simplified too. The game is controlled through a number of tilts or screen swipes. These can be configured in the main options menu as per your convenience. There are also special balls to assist players, which one can purchase with in-game ticket currencies. There are 30 different kinds of balls altogether, varying in terms of spin, weight and other criteria. The balls, alleys and pins all differ to add a factor of interest to the game.

pba3The brilliant graphics of this app are eye-catching and superbly done. While there are other such games available, its graphics give it a clear edge. The surface of the alley is very well polished to give you a real feel. To release the ball, you have to simply slide it with a single finger after placing it in a tactical place on the lane. To control the spin, you can alter the tilt of your iOS device.

Compete against friends by comparing scores with them and keep them updated about your progress by posting the results of your game on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Although the app is unique and splendid, it is available for free. Considering its graphics, it sure does deserve a price tag. The in-app purchases are a little unnecessary in essence and can be disadvantageous to good competitors at times.

Good: Excellent graphics

Bad: Unnecessary in-app purchases

Worth Having Application :  Download the App

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