The story goes like this. There is a knight who goes on a journey to discover hidden treasure with his squire. But upon climbing to the top of the castle tower, he pushes the squire down the turret to let him die. But upon reaching near the bottom, the squire gets some magical powers which empower him to control the wind. But meanwhile, the squire also wakes up the dragon sleeping at the bottom and the dragon starts chasing him. So now the squire has to deal with the dragon as well as reach the top of the turret and take his revenge against the knight. Will you help him get what he deserves?

screenshot_armory_1080x1920I am talking about the latest Android app called Windsquire. The app has been developed by Mindgrub Games who have many more games to their credit such as Avoid the Flood, Grouper, Rescue Jump, Scuba Adventures,  etc.

It is one of the fresh apps that I’ve seen recently. The concept is very nice. You are a squire but due to some magical powers, you can control the wind. Now you have to reach the top but the dragon chasing you can eat you at any moment. So you are racing but it’s not as simple as that. There are lots of hurdles in the turret such as some wooden structures which will block your way either partially or fully. You have to guide the squire using wind to go through the openings. However, if the structures have blocked your way completely, then what are you going to do? Don’t worry! There are some more magical powers to your rescue. These magical powers will be available to you throughout the journey to breakthrough and you have to make sure that you keep taking them and your magic meter is always full. Woah! There is so much magic down there!

screenshot_cutscene_1080x1920To counter attack the dragon, you’ll get weapon for the first time for free. But after that, you’ll have to buy them in exchange of coins that you’ll earn after clearing levels. The different weapons are Lil’ Knife (free), short sword, righteous hammer, wand of blessed tragedy, etc to name a few. The first stage you start with is Dungeon and it consists of many levels. There are five such stages: dungeon, royal hall, library, overgrown greenhouse, dilapidated observatory. So there’s a lot of adventure on offer.

With decent graphics representing the game on the screen and a good soundtrack in the background, this fantasy game is really one of the best time-killers out there for you.

There are many achievements to unlock and with each new level cleared, there will be more achievements to unlock. Also, the online leaderboard shows the biggest contenders to the crown and you can mark your name there if you are good in the game. The app is available for free and is absolutely a treat for young children as well as adults.

Pros: amazing graphics; intuitive UI; nice concept; addictive gameplay; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having Game :  Get it from Here