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Many people are fond of collections and most times, these collections are unique and somewhat off the league. For example, you may find people collecting all the different types of spoons available worldwide and many times, you can find them stealing from the restaurant itself. They know that they are crazy but they can’t help it. For children, it’s more about fantasy characters such as collecting all the Pokemon cards or beyblades. They want to collect them all and sometimes they even start fighting over a card. But what we have today is a completely new collection to check out in the Play Store. It’s a collection of Caps and I’m sure you’ll enjoy pursuing it as interest of yours.

cap1I am talking about the latest iOS app called Caps that has been developed by WebPrestige. The app is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 2.2 or any later version of the OS.

“Caps” is a thematic collection of many different series including Mortal Combat, Chupa Caps, Pokemon, PoG, Power Ranger, etc. There are total of 600 caps in 14 different collections are more caps are being added regularly. A collection of Caps is called an Album and you have to unlock these albums one by one. When you unlock an album, not all the caps are available to you and you have to buy them in exchange of coins. These coins are generated after selling your own caps that you don’t want anymore. Now let’s see how to start with a game.

cap2There are three different gaming modes: against computer, against friends and against anyone randomly. Now when you’ll enter a game, you have to place a bid of the number of caps you want to place and which one. You can open your albums and choose your caps as well. Then the turn will be decided by the Rock-Paper-Scissors method which itself is a hugely popular game. Once decided, you’ll strike the stack of cards with a bat, which also can be bought from the shop. If you don’t have a bat, then you can strike the cards themselves. The cards that will turn upside down will be yours and the turn continues. The more force you apply on the cards, more are your chances of winning. Similar is the gameplay in all three modes. Though in multiplayer mode, you can create your own room as well and start a new game.

cap3There are many achievements to unlock and winning each new achievement will get you 100 coins as a bonus. Graphics are great, especially the thematic collection of caps and animations look very realistic. You’ll certainly want to get some hard copies of those and keep in your safe. The app is available for free in the Play Store and that’s another bonus at the top!

Pros: decent graphics; 600 caps in 14 collections and increasing; multiplayer; realistic animations; free.

Cons: none.

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