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Spika is all set to take on the android app markets with the launch of its recent android music application- ShareOn Audio. You can access the music files on your PC and play them. In addition, you can also play music saved unto Smart TVs, Wi-Fi Speakers and home theatre systems through a Wi-Fi connection. To sum it up, this app allows you to enjoy your favorite music from just anywhere

The main advantage of this app is the convenience and portability it provides to your music files. You can access music files from your PC or other devices. Also, you can directly play music on Wi-Fi speakers from your PC, without the need for file transfer or syncing. If the size of music files is a major cause of concern for you, then this app provides a perfect solution. You are also allowed access to your iTunes library from your Android mobile device. This app allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously and sync them in no time.

so1If you do not have much disk space on your phone and want to have a good music collection, then ShareOn Audio is the apt tool. The app is compatible with Android devices with versions 2.3 or later.

so22The music player has all that you can ask for from an interface. You can begin with adding devices to be connected to your Android and then add folders that you wish to share. You can switch between devices to be shared in no time and without any effort. Digital Living Network Alliance or DLNA devices are also supported by this app. It enables you to share data to allow you music to be played on an external device.

Alongside offering such brilliant features, this app has a simple and user friendly interface. All your music files are neatly organized into folders and sorted by artists, songs or albums. There is an extremely useful option of switching between external speakers and shared devices from within the app. There is a mini player beside it to browse your music libraries simultaneously.


While there are many music players in the app market, some features give this one a unique edge. Any file that is compatible with your Android is supported on this app and played automatically. This saves you the trouble of converting it first. Irrespective of the number of songs shared, the browsing speed remains unaffected. This makes you feel like you are listening to music right from your phone. Despite having such fabulous features, ShareOn Audio is available in the Google Play Store for free. It is one of those apps that you cannot afford to miss.

With an interactive and easy to use user intuitive interface and compatibility with a wide variety of both music files and external devices, this app has definitely made its own mark in the Android app market. It has all you can ask for from a music player that is available free of cost. It is for pure lovers of music who believe in music being boundaryless.

Good: Intuitive user interface, music compatibility

Bad: None

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