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The world has gone mobile today, quite literally. We rely on our smartphones for everything- big and small alike. These mobiles have replaced a host of tech gadgets including music player, cameras, laptops, web browsers and much more. We want everything on the move and the smartphone is the ideal companion.

With miniaturization being the buzz of the day, we want everything to be fit unto a smaller screen. However, if you are a web developer and wish to see how mobile friendly your site is, there isn’t much help available there. Simulators and emulators are quite good but not quite up to the mark. The only alternative is to take website snapshot of your site pages to test them. All said and done, this can   be quite tiring indeed. Page2Images is the mot apt tool in such a scenario.

With Page2Images, your work is much more simplified and is done effectively. This webapp comes with a total of 6 tools to assist you in the process. These tools include Mobile OK Checker, Website Screenshot Generator, Batch URL to Image Convert, Batch Mobile OK Checker, HTML to Image Online Converter and Mobile Emulator. In this review, I will be focusing on how each of them comes in handy.

The Website Screenshot Generator is a user-friendly tool. All the user has to do is to enter the website URL and the output is a screenshot of any desired size for just any device. This screenshot crops out the computer taskbars automatically and allows you to download, copy or edit this image as per your will.

The second device- HTML to Image Online Converter converts a HTML page into an image format. All you have to do is to enter the HTML code and get an output file for any device- Android, iPhone, iPad, Desktop and more. This feature is suitable for individual pages. If you need to convert multiple images, then the Batch URL to Image Convert is a preferred option. With this tool, you can add multiple URLs at a time.

With the help of the Mobile Emulator, you can simulate any webpage on a mobile device of your choice. Almost every device that you can think of can be simulated to give you a bigger picture of how your webpages would look on different devices.

There is another tool called Mobile OK Checker to check the compatibility of your site with mobile devices. You can check your site for compatibility and experiment with different pages to see the extent of compatibility. The Batch Mobile Checker comes in handy when you have to check multiple webpages at a time. You can also use Bookmarklets to pin the above tools onto the toolbar of your web browser, allowing easy instant access.

One major drawback of this app is that it offers free trial versions of these tools at first. Else, using these tools does not require much skill or effort. Customize your website for almost any mobile device using this app. Page2Images is the perfect tool to help you go mobile.

Good: Handy easy to use tools

Bad: Provides only the free trial version of the tools.

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