Reduce Your Staff Scheduling Burden with Schedulehead

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schedueheadDo not be a victim of scheduling your employees anymore, Schedulehead is here to accomplish that task for you, and might be, it can provide your business with a better staff scheduling solution than you could. This latest application do not only save your time by taking the burden of scheduling your employees on its own head, but it also follows a logical thinking process, just like you do, to come up with the best solution to meet all your staffing needs in the most efficient way. The tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence and it can take the best care of your scheduling needs.

The working process of the app starts with a 60 seconds long Get Setup; once you have got it on your system you can directly invite your employees to sign up to the app. The signing up process can be completed by the respective employees themselves, and you do not really need to bear any headache for that. Once the process is complete, and your staffs are connected through Schedulehead, the app will automatically perform the scheduling according to the information set provided by you, and will also inform your staffs directly through emails and texts. It will also inform you in case there are any changes or updates in the scheduling, so that you can always stay informed.


  • Schedulehead is powered by Artificial Intelligence which gives it the capacity to think just like you do.
  • The application has a nice rating system. It rates your employees out of 5 and depending on their performances it rewards them.
  • The tool balances between your senior and new employees while scheduling for a day, so that you can always have a proper mix of skills at your service.
  • Schedulehead helps you to know your employees better and helps you to compare between their skills and performance, which can be great for picking up your best staffs and rewarding them for an even better service.
  • The tool automatically informs your staffs about their shifts in due time and eliminates late arrivals and no-shows.
  • Schedulehead keeps you updated every time something is changed, so that you are never surprised in the staff scheduling.
  • The application has a free version. It automatically sends emails to your staffs and can be used for 75 employees or less. The version also comes with email support.
  • The premium version of Schedulehead comes for $15 per month and automatically texts and emails your staffs. It can cover unlimited employees. The version comes with support over phone and emails.
  • The premium version is available for free use up to 60 days, after which you can convert to the free version or can continue with the Premium version for the minimum monthly charge.

Summary: Schedulehead is a latest application with artificial intelligence that performs all the staff scheduling responsibilities with high accuracy. It also informs your employees about their schedules and keeps you updated about their performance.

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