GeoSonic- Music and Art to Translate Your Mood

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Music is what a large portion of today’s population lives by. Hence, one of the major goals of technology has been to enhance the music experience for everyone. A number of apps have been working on the same. One of the most successful in this niche is the iOS app GeoSonic. It is a jukebox that lets you play your favorite desired music randomly on the basis of the Solfeggio music scale. To bring music alive, there is a continuous wave of geometric shapes, resembling a Spirograph. This waves moves with the music, breathing new life into your screen.

geo1That is not all there is to this app. You can get in and meddle with the music and the patterns if you like as well. There is no limit to how much you can customize, although it is sometimes better to let the randomness of it all take over. The concept of the app is an interesting one indeed, with loads of options. There is scope for adding hypnotic effects, zooming in and out of patterns, adding bounce and warping effects and also extra patterns that are not bound by anything but your imagination.

The colors on the screen are catchy and bright, moving quite fast. The idea that underlies the concept of the app is mandala, a circular representation that is said to induce peace and help one focus. The mandala in this app bears likeness to a Spirograph. The image is set onto your screen by the app, allowing you to alter the patterns and its location.

The aim of this app is not to create drawings and patterns bur to watch the patterns as you enjoy the music. Most people might not realize it immediately but this can indeed help enhance the music experience immensely. It is a passive app that allows you to make small adjustments and let the patterns and music take you to a higher level of inner peace and calm. The sounds and images connect to one another in a unique enticing manner.


There is a guide to help you explore the app and its functions. It isn’t very elaborate per se but does a decently good job nonetheless. The options for customizing the movement are varied, ranging from hypnotic effects to boggle your mind to no movements to soothe it to pulsing waves that sync you with the music. Changing the image requires you to change the Chakra, an icon of a meditating monk on the top of the screen. If you find the colors too bright, you can change those too to suit your state of mind.

The app GeoSonic is available in the App Store for $0.99. It is quite reasonable for the soothing experience it has to offer. However, it didn’t turn out to be as active as expected from first usage of it. it has excellent and varied customization options so that it can suit itself to your mind and mood, helping you develop both with a fascinating combination of music and movement of images.

Good: Excellent concept of mandala

Bad: The colors are very bright

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