Flying Bieber- Just Believe: Fly Your Way to Glory

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Despite the unfamed popularity and all the critics, Justin Bieber has still faced all the odds and has innumerable fans across the globe. If you are one among those many fans of his, here is an iOS app dedicated to him that is sure to catch your fancy. Developed by Michael Hamlet, Flying Bieber- Just Believe has many levels of flapping and flying.

The concept of the app is quite simple and basic. You have to fly and flap all the way through many challenging levels. There are microphones floating in the air in your path. Utmost care has to be taken to void these and save your hero Justin Bieber. If any of the incoming microphones hits him, the level is lost.

bie1As the concept and gameplay of this app are so simple, you must be wondering what the ‘oomph’ factor of this app is. The amazing backgrounds and sounds are what give this app an edge over all others in its niche. The user interface is high user friendly and intuitive, so much so that there is no need for a manual or guide of any kind. The amazing background, the flying head of Bieber, the scenarios and the crowds are what add the addictiveness to this app. Overall, the interface is excellent.

The design is not the only ‘oomph’ actor in this app. The ‘invincibility button’ is another feature that is sure to please many. Once pressed, you can enter into a safe mode for about 10 seconds, when you have absolutely no threats or dangers to face. The reason for adding it is quite simple- to help you better your scores and help them increase exponentially.

The expected features that are to be added soon to the app are indeed quite alluring. On this list, there are some newer, more challenging levels with flying objects from the audience that are to be avoided similar to the microphones. New sounds and backgrounds are on this list too. And brilliant feature is that you do not have to worry about manually visiting the App Store and downloading update. Once the app is downloaded, updates are automatically installed for you.

bie2There are some customization options as well. The flying head of Bieber can also be replaced with Big Balls or flying zombies. Designed for both the iPad and iPhone with a minimum requirement of iOS 4.3, it is an app that you have to try out at least once. Once you get started, putting your device down is a greater challenge than the game itself. The app scores high on its level of addictiveness. Challenge yourself time and again to beat your own scores and set new records. The fun never ends with this one.

To sum it up, if you are a fan of Justin Bieber, this app is a must have. Besides, it is a challenging and interesting game that will keep you hooked for hours on end. Unlike most apps in its niche, it scores well on both design and concept.

Good: User friendly interface, Invincibility button

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App

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