Sugar Crush HD- Time for a Candy Treat

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Sugar Crush HD is the traditional math-3-of-a-kind game with a unique twist. Everything from the local ice cream truck to the music has been added to enhance your gaming experience. Candies keep scrolling down your screen and you have to make sets of 3 similar candies and eliminate them to control their flow. This is one of those games that once begin, you are quite likely to end only when your deice battery is on the verge of draining out.

One feature that is sure to take your fancy is that you do not have lives to lose in this game. This saves you the trouble of having to ask your friends to help you get more lives. From the very beginning to the end, all the levels are absolutely free and anyone can play them. There is a level grid to help you pick a level and monitor your own progress. Your major competition is your own self and hence this game does not have players progress.


The architecture of the game is quite simple. There are various levels, each of which has a number of episodes. All in all, there are 150 levels. A single candy saga has 216 levels with 4 episodes.  There are also regular updates with new levels and episodes being added. As the game proceeds, the episodes get more challenging. There is an option to skip levels a fixed number of times as well.

The game is a treat to the eyes and the ears. The board is a vibrant mix of colors with a plethora of sweets. The audio and the video have been synced perfectly to give the best results. The variety of sweets is sure to get your mouth watering. If you own an Android device, this app is a must indeed.


The gameplay has been kept basic and simple. You have to make sets of 3 similar sweets and click on them. They will explode and you get the points. The candies can be moved either horizontally or vertically to make a match. The minimum number of candies in a match is three. All this has to happen within a time span of two minutes as the clock keeps ticking. That is the basic outline of it. Added to this, there are a large number of colorful yummy sweets along with audio and visually effects.

To unlock higher levels, you have to accumulate points, which is in the form of candy. The higher your speed of making points, the faster you get access to higher levels. There are bonus rainbow candy bombs, chocolate bombs and candy bag bombs added to the collection to help you out. Each of these fetches you bonus points, along with a trade for bombs. With increasing levels, you are given tasks such as removing all jelly beans, collecting all fruits and the like. Completion of these tasks will unlock the next level for you.

There is also a Candy Shop from where you can purchase extra candies and other items. There are level skips that you can purchase here and also pay to keep the ads away. As an overview, this Android app is a fun addictive game worth trying out.

Good: Simple game with good graphics and effects

Bad: None

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