Save the World with Super Space Boy

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Sometimes simple games with simple objectives are more interesting than complicated ones. Some of these games are such that the kids will enjoy and will be able to play and adults will bring out the real fun out of the game. There are some such games on iTunes but most of them are paid ones. Here comes a free game on iTunes which will provide as much entertainment as you would have wanted. The colorful world of Super Space Boy is here to entertain you. He is in a super space mission in the game through which he has to save the world.

ssb1Super Space Boy, a game by Craig Lauderdale, is a new game in the iTunes store where the hero fights against the enemies who are about to take away all the happiness out of the world. You have to make sure that super boy bounces on the balloons not allowing the balloons to deflate. The game is quite simple but it comes with multiple objectives. The game needs you to concentrate on it and with the new version there are so many improvements that make the game error free. There are several levels in the game and the difficulty is going to increase with each of the level.


  • The game, Super Space Boy is an objective based fun game where you have to complete some objectives throughout the game.
  • You have to jump high on the balloons to fight and move up against the evils which are here to take away all happiness from the world.
  • Though you will be jumping on the balloons you shall not deflate them.
  • There are bosses to conquer in each of the levels. The process is going to be difficult.
  • The more hearts you have the more time you can play the game. You can purchase additional hearts. Five hearts will cost you $0.99.
  • You have to meet multiple objectives in each of the level. The levels get difficult as you progress.
  • You can collect stars and points in all the levels you play.
  • You can use your collected starts to buy power ups. You can upgrade the star magnet, super rocket, iron boy blaster and much more through the shop purchase. The upgrades will increase your ability.
  • The game is a colorful one with beautiful graphics.
  • The game is compatible to iOS 5.0 or later.
  • The game version 3 takes around 21.5 MB space on your device. It is compatible to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

ssb2Summary: Super Space Boy is a game that is fun to play and good to enjoy with kids. The game requires you to be first and concentrated throughout. Here you will be bouncing on the balloons and stop the opponents from coming into the world. It is a colorful game that is going to be enjoyed by all.

Good: There are multiple objectives in a single game.

Bad: The game has been loved by all and there are no complaints.

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