Voice Recorder HD for High Quality Voice Recording

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People, who require maintaining voice memos for their professional and personal use, carry a separate voice recorder which can be bulky at times and not quite good in quality. In many cases, journalists need to record voice without letting others know that the recording is on. In such cases using a separate voice recorder can turn out to be risky and using your phone will mean that your phone is engaged for a long time. Now, there is an app in the play store, which works without hampering your phone related works. Voice recorder HD records high quality sound and also allows you to continue other work in the front screen of the phone.


Voice Recorder HD, presented by EAPPS.PRO , is basically an app that is going to be used quite well by business professionals such as journalists, business men, sound engineers and audio professionals. However, you can also use it for recording your song, conversation and more in HD quality. You can manage voice memos quite easily by using this app and as it supports any operating system, you are not going to face any problem while playing back those sounds. You can configure the audio quality according to your requirement in this app. The app even supports external mic to record a sound from a long distant and thus can be quite effective for the professionals.



  • The app can record voice for a long time and at the same time maintain high quality of sound throughout. The provider has tested it for 2 hours in tandem.
  • The app runs in the background even when you are doing some other work on your device. You don’t need to close other works in order to use the app.
  • You can upload sound from the drop box within the app.
  • You can transfer the high quality audio files to your laptop or any other device through USB.
  • You can choose the audio quality from the settings. Low audio quality is 8KHz, medium is 22.05 KHz, High is 44.1 KHz. The space required for saving will vary according to the quality of the audio.
  • You can play the recorded audio anywhere as the file type supports Mac, Linux, Windows and more.
  • You can share whatever you have recorded through email and other apps that allow sharing.
  • You can use external mic for recording audio. This will allow you to get audio from a long distance too.
  • The version 1.0 of the app is available for free and it requires only 1.3 Mb space on your device.
  • The app requires android 4.0 or later.

Summary: The Voice Recorder HD is a high quality voice recording app that can play in the background and it is highly efficient for professional use.

Good: You can choose the quality of the audio that you want to record. This enables you to record according to the space available to you.

Bad: The app works really fine and there is nothing bad reported about this one.

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