Just Jumble – A Puzzle Game for All Ages

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Anybody would love to play games and if the game is easy enough to satisfy all ages, then it’s a must play game for everyone. This game Just Jumble is a simple and easy game which will attract all age groups. The main theme of the game is to solve the puzzle of jumbled letters and find the hidden word out of the jumbled letters. It’s not just finding words out of jumbled letter, they portrayed each puzzled word in the form of well drawn cartoons. These puzzles were created by David & Jeff who are America’s famous puzzle creators. They have a credit section to honor David and Jeff. This section just gives a brief introduction about David and Jeff to the world with a small picture of them. They are the two master minds behind the puzzles, Its always a great pleasure to know about the creators.

jj1Just Jumble, the puzzle game sometime will puzzle your mind to think hard to find a solution but if you couldn’t you can take some help from David himself. This game has some very cool way of giving hand when you loose your mind in solving the puzzle. You can buy a hint from David himself using the game coins. Game coins or nothing but the reward coins you receive after solving each puzzle. You can even buy some game coins by spending dollars. Other ways of getting help are coloring the different parts of word with different colors and showing letters of the word.

It offers a Bonus game after solving each puzzle, the bonus game will have 4 different words and you should solve each word at a time. This is kind of tricky but it really tests you intelligence. This game is fully integrated with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can easily get help from your social media friends  by posting this puzzle itself on Twitter or Facebook. This game offers excellent support through their email service, you can directly email them from the app.

jj2When I was a kid we used to get these kind of puzzles in newspapers and I used to grab the newspapers from my dad just to solve these puzzles and when I started growing up I used to solve these kind of puzzles over internet and now I’m in my mid twenties and I still didn’t loose the craze to solve these type of jumbled puzzles. This game Just Jumble is perfect for the persons like me, who are crazy enough to solve the puzzles always. This game is very addictive and it always keeps my mind active with it’s great puzzles. No matter what age group you are, you will love this game for sure. Every puzzle is easy when you think the right way, the unjumbled way. I feel it’s the only best puzzle game available in the market for Jumbled words, right from the best Puzzle creators of America.

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