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Action games have always been loved by the itunes users as they are full of pace and full of action. These games keep the user busy for the whole time and thus, capture the concentration and nerve. They are surely enough to provide an adrenalin rush to the player and one such new game is available in the iTunes store these days. The name of the game is Golden Goblins Pro and it is presented by Njoyo Ltd which has also launched many successful games on iTunes before. The game was released on 24th April and since then it has been downloaded by numerous users.

gg1 The game is about Golden Goblin and its adventure in the Golden Goblin Cave. It has to fly through the cave and fight against many enemies who are in there to destroy it. It can collect coins and power ups throughout the journey and can also change its avatar.


  • The Golden Goblin Pro is an action game with the Golden Goblin as the central character.
  • The hero of the game has to move through the golden goblin cave and fight with its enemies. These enemies include rodents and other creatures.
  • The Golden Goblin has to move and fire towards the enemies to destroy them. Destroying the enemies will help earn points.
  • There will be boosts coming in the way and you have to collect them. Different boosts do different things, for example the magnetic boost help to attract coins.
  • Try to collect as many coins as possible in the game but make sure to save yourself from the being shot by the enemies.
  • When you tap the left screen part you will move, the right screen part will help you to fire.
  • You can change your position or avatar from the start screen. Tap the back and forward arrow shown on the screen to select what you want to carry with you.
  • The game has a good sound effect and the visual is quite apt.
  • The version 1.0 of the game is released in April 2014 and it can be downloaded for $0.99.
  • The game requires iOS 5.0 or later version on iPhone and iPad and it takes around 12.8 MB space on your device.

gg3Summary: Golden Goblin Pro is an action game where the Golden Goblin has to move through the cave fighting against the opponents coming in the way and collecting coins.

Good: The graphics of the game is quite good.

Bad: There is nothing bad reported about the game as of now.

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