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With the FIFA fever on the high, sports betting is the new in thing today. However, it requires a lot of skill and expertise. Most sports betting apps come with a lot of constraints and restrictions, which can indeed be a source of annoyance to the general public. To solve this issue, Bola Webinformation GmbH has released the ‘Online Betting-Your Guide for Online Sports Betting Information’ iOS app, which takes sports betting to a whole new level.

This app brings together a mix of people- ranging from those who are amateurs to the field to those who have spent years betting to those who are completely clueless about betting.  It brings together a full-fledged platform equipped with tools to help users bet on probable victors of matches of the FIFA World Cup 2014, and matches in and around Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Latin America and UK.

ob1The app comes with a neat, clutter-free interface that is extremely user friendly, highly intuitive and easily navigable. It furnishes users with a number of special unique features too. Prime among these is a host of reviews about sports events round the corner by professionals. This includes reviews about the World Cup 2014, major European football competitions like the UEFA Champions League, ATP tennis action, rugby, WTA and more. There are also guides to the odds of numerous events, backed with historical, team and statistical data so that bettors can make well informed decisions. With the guides come sports betting promotions so that users stay in touch with the worth of their wagers.

Online Betting also provides users access to real time football table updates and live scores so that they can keep track of their bets as well as identify new opportunities for betting at the earliest. After all, sports betting is all about timing and a bit of quality information. There is regular advice and tips available for bettors too, which is quite handy when deciding on bets and also to improve knowledge about sports in general.

ob2An important aspect of sports betting is to place the right value on your wagers. By providing promotions, bonuses and free bets, this iOS app ensures the same for you. By keeping yourself informed about the available offers and bonuses, finding the best ones becomes as easy as it is otherwise essential. By delivering these to your iOS device, it ensures that you are updated all the time with the latest happening in the world of sports.

The System Bets Calculator is an added feature that truly gives this app a clear edge. Using this tool, you can configure your probable outcome from all system bets including Yankee, Lucky 15, Canadian, Trixie, Heinz and more. Using this tool, you are allowed to select your system bet and fix the number of bankers, followed by inputting the odds of your wagers. It then outputs your probable outcome based on the above.

Irrespective of whether you are well-versed with the niche of online sports betting or not, Online Betting can help you learn and make better informed decisions at all times. Backed with a superb interface, system bets calculators, reviews, live updates, tips and more, it is the perfect app for sports fans. Nonetheless, if expanded to include more sports and spread its reach worldwide, it has immense potential.

Good: System bets calculator is a major asset

Bad: It is presently majorly restricted to Europe and the FIFA World Cup 2014

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