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Empire Four Kingdoms is one of the best real time strategy games available for iPhone and other iDevices. If you are the one who gets addicted to strategy games then this game is the perfect one for you. I have played plenty of strategic games in PC and tried many in handheld devices but none of the games attracted me as much as Empire: Four Kingdoms. This game has a very unique background music which will keep buzzing your ears even in your dreams. The graphics of this game will never let you come out of this game. It’s a very interesting strategic multi player game which will allow you to create your own empire in the real world. It allows you to conquer the world by demolishing other enemies around you. The theme and the graphics takes me back to the ancient era of developing huge troops and waging war against one another.

emp1When you start the game it gives you a good amount of rubies to develop your own empire. At the beginning you have to continue playing for a while inorder to create a separate account for you. Once you reach a particular level you will be prompted to setup an account so that you will not lose your game data. From then on you can continue extending your empire and revenge your enemies with several attacks. Initially you have to develop your castle by completing few simple quests. Be careful in investing your rubies as you may need them more in higher levels.

SS 2Be sure to name your castle properly because you can’t rename them again for free, yes you have to spend some rubies to rename. Rubies and Gold coins are valuable assets of this game. You could get all other resources like wood, stone, etc in many other ways easily by forming an alliance with other players and sharing resources to/from them. But you can’t do the same for Rubies and Gold resources. If you ran out of Rubies and Gold then you may either have to fight other players and loot their wealth or spend some money in app store to buy Rubies. You get one free option to relocate your castle so be sure to settle in a good spot otherwise you will end up spending more rubies. Every move in this game involves you to think strategically.

Pros: More ways to get required resources by plundering Robber Burrow castles. Lot of interesting quests keeps the game entertaining and interesting. Easily get connected with real world users using the alliance chat feature. Get alarmed and notified during attacks and important updates about the game which will drag you to play the game.

Cons: Internet connection is must to play this game and the performance of the game is fully reliable on internet speed. Over 3G/4G you may get disconnected often and it may consume good amount of data. Higher the levels you may end up paying some money in the form my purchasing rubies as you may need them more. Time taken to travel to and fro for your army to march towards enemy castles may make you feel bored.

On the whole once you start playing this game surely you will get addicted to it and you may spend more and more time in building your empire and conquering the world.

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