Use the Power of Music in Messages through Musations

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It is said that music can depict every human emotion and if you are not able to say anything in words you can take the help of music. The lyrics, the theme and the notes of music make people feel good and sometimes it becomes easy to express yourself through music rather than words. Music lovers would second this opinion and that is why now you have an app in iTunes that can convey your emotions through music. Musations is the new app to be precise and it gives you access to 37 million songs to choose from according to your mood and requirement.

mu2Musations, presented by Musations Ltd, is a free app which can be downloaded from the store. The specialty of the app is that you can do lyrics searching from the online library or your own library and choose to send to a friend. You can also chat with someone personally who is using the same app and add lyrics into the chat. In case, you like the Musations of some other friend, you can simply repitch that to your own library or directly use that into a conversation thus making the conversation even more interesting and expressive. It is possible to use the extract from a song in order to say something. It is also possible to follow a celebrity and see their music choices on Musations.


  • ‘Musations’ is an app that is all about creating message with the help of music. You can mix your message with the lyrics of a song and send across to the friends and followers.
  • The app provides you better opportunity to express yourself.
  • There are more than 37 million songs to choose from.
  • You can also use the songs from your library in order to create musations.
  • The app allows the user to repitch the musations that they like from their friends and others. You can directly repitch the musations into your communication. This makes it easy and fast.
  • You can chat with one or more persons through the use of Musations.
  • You can also see what the celebrities are creating and can follow them.
  • There are several categories of musations to choose from. You can check out the featured ones and the trending one, just with the few clicks.
  • The app interface is clear and it is quite easy to understand.
  • You can also choose to make a musations public or private.
  • You can listen to your favorite music in the app.
  • The app takes around 18.8 MB space on your device and iOS 7.0 or later is the basic requirement.
  • The version 1.11 of the app is free to download.

Summary: Musations is a new app in the store that gives you opportunity to send messages by mixing up music lyrics and words.

Good: The app is free to download and the interface of the app is quite cool.

Bad: Everything is working out properly in this app and there is nothing bad reported.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App

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