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Birthdays can mean a lot to those close to you. It’s that one day of the year dedicated to a specific person and is built around him. However, missing out on wishing a friend on their birthday can turn out to be disastrous. For those who have a bad memory in terms of dates, the iOS app Birthday Board is here to be your saviour.


Birthday Board, developed by Superdik B.V., is essentially an Anniversary calendar and reminder app for Facebook. It is here to change the way we remember birthdays of those dear to us. It has a host of unique features to ensure that you do not miss out on another birthday, come what may.

This app keeps a track of birthdays of all your contacts for you. It not only imports birthdays from Facebook directly but also imports contacts marked with birthdays from your iOS device’s contact list. These birthday boards can be shared with friends easily on both Twitter and Facebook. To make sure that you do not miss out on any one of these, you can set alarms to remind you. Also, the time for reminders can be set to suit your convenience. This can be done for any birthday on your list. You can also set a countdown timer for any special event that you may please.

bir2One of the best aspects of this app is its user interface. It has been kept clean, minimal and simple to use. They come in a variety of gorgeous themes. A range of vibrant colours, shaped and layouts is at your disposal to choose between. All of these can be customized for your needs. If you want more variety, you can avail of premium themes through in-app purchases. You can view the Zodiac sign of your friend as well. Other features are being constantly added with updates.

Birthday Board is currently available in 10 different languages, including Czech, Polish, English, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, French, Dutch, and German. It is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad with iOS version 6.0 or higher. The simplicity of the app gives it high performance and speed. Also, you can integrate it with your phone Contacts as well as your Facebook contacts so that you have all your contacts under one roof. This makes things a lot easier to handle, ensuring that nobody feels less special on their birthday, so far as you are concerned.

bir3If you have a bad memory with birthdays and have had a few bad experiences with friends and family regarding the same, this app will come as a blessing indeed. There is almost no scope of forgetting birthdays of relatives and friends anymore after installing this app. Its ease of use, coupled with the beautiful designs and intuitive interface give the app a clear edge. The integration with social media is truly the cherry on the cake. With all your events under one app, it becomes so much easier to keep track of them.

Good: Gorgeous themes, countdown timer.

Bad: None

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