Pirate Legends TD- A splash of challenging fun

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Tower defence games are emerging as an increasingly popular genre of gaming apps. There are so many good ones in the market that one is spoilt for choice. If you are looking for one that has a respectable amount of challenge in store for you, along with good graphics and more, the Pirate Legends TD is perfect for you. This polishedAndroid app game is here to provide you hours of free fun.

pl1Pirate Legends is a game for just everyone. If you are new to the genre, this game has an excellent guide for you. If you are an experiences player, then the fun is just unlimited. To begin with, you start with selecting a level. During the process of doing so, you also get to select your difficulty level and set up your defense towers beforehand. Slots are marked on the board where you can fix towers. If you are having trouble, you can pause the game at any time. If you are having fun, there is the option of speeding up the fun and action too.

In the game, you are a pirate captain who is defending his booty from other pirates, the navy and just all others who happen to set eyes on it. Your ship serves as your home-base. There are maps with specific points marked where you can set up your towers.As you set out destroying enemies, you will be rewarded in the form of coins. These coins can be used to upgrade you defences and purchase more towers. The options and the large amount of content is enough to keep you going. Game currency is in the form of anchors and toes as well. All of them can be earned along the way. In addition to these, you can also make purchases for real money.

pl2The game has a lot to boast of in terms of defences. There are 4 main towers. Aso, there are 2 special cannons to be used, numerous allies to be hired, 5 special tools like the kraken for you to summon, 5 unique flying heroes for support above land. The game has enough and more in terms of content. Various combinations of these can be employed to deal with the enemies that wish for the worst for you.

The game gets progressively hard and the rewards get progressively better too. You can earn more anchors for a harder difficulty level. There are 3 difficulty levels in all. Among those, the easy one is quite simple to get through. You just have to set up your defences and watch your enemies crumble to death. The hard level is a good deal more challenging and tests your skills.

The game is available free of cost, with a few ads in between. These can be distracting at times but are tolerable. The game adds a lot of fun and adventure to the dreary old classic tower defence games. It is sure to keep you on your toes at all times once you get started on it.

Good: Immense number of options

Bad: Distracting ads

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