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Musical instruments can create magic when used in a proper harmony but arranging all musical instrument together can not only be a time taking job but it is quite costly to purchase instruments together. However, for music lovers it is essential to be able to carry their favorite music wherever they go and that has given rise to several android apps with instrument and music system. Walk Band, though being an app in the play store actually works as your live band that is a combination of guitar, piano, bass and more and the combination of music created through these equipments is fantastic.


Walk Band is an app for the music lovers and that is why more than 70000000 users have downloaded the app. It is actually a toolkit that is available for free and it can also connect to original keyboard and play it. It is a multi touch app where you can apply more than one finger to play drum and other music players. The app looks great with great screen play. The visual of the app is clear and when you use multiple instruments on the same screen enough space is provided for each instrument. It is possible to zoom in on the instruments and play comfortably. The sound of the instrument is just like the real ones. So, whenever you play people will consider it as live band.



  • Walk Band is a toolkit that consists of piano, drum, guitar, keyboard and bass and more such music instruments.
  • The app is known for supporting full keyboard of piano. In case, you are looking for a specific segment, then you can zoom in to the point that you need.
  • You can record the beats you have created in the app. The music can be also set as your ringtone.
  • You can choose to play a single instrument or you can also choose to play a multiple number of instruments at the same time.
  • The guitar portion of the tool kit is really quite interesting. It is possible to play the guitar in chord mode and solo mode.
  • You get to play steel string guitar, nylon guitar and clean electric guitar in the app and the sound will sound quite real with the app.
  • In case of piano key width adjustment is possible. You can increase or decrease the width as per your requirement.
  • Piano, Organ, Music Box, Synth and Rhodes are five keyboard sounds that can be extracted.
  • Multitrack synthesizer is available for mixing music of different equipments.
  • You can mute or delete one tool if you have to adjust the music.
  • Not only you can create your own music but you can also listen to the music created by other players.
  • Several sound plugins are available with the app.
  • The app is a free one but the version and size of the app varies according to the devices.

Summary: Walk Band is a live tool kit for music lovers which can combine sounds of different instruments. You can not only create music with the help of the app but you can also share your music with other users.

Good: The sounds are quite real and you are going to feel that when you play the music on your device.

Bad: You have to have knowledge of the instruments before you can actually use the app.

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