Construction Crew: Learning life lessons from construction sites

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Studying or reading about something might help you recreate the scenario in your mind. It is not until you are confronted with the same scenario and faced with the same problems that you derive an actual experience that you will remember. Construction Crew, an Android app, recreates a construction site for you, throwing a number of challenges at you.

con1The app can be downloaded for Free from the Play Store. Once you begin the game, you will see three different environments, each unlocked as you complete the previous one. The first environment is the City. In this one, the controls have been placed well so that people of all ages are comfortable with working with them. A range of vehicles has been incorporated to make the game interesting. There are certain levels that require you to use more than a single vehicle at a time. Thankfully, switching between vehicles is a well implemented, simple and effortless task. You only need to swipe and then click on the play button. In the absence of a time limit, you can play around with the vehicles, exploring different combinations and operations. Also, there is no star rating at the end of each level, eliminating both competition and pressure.

con3At each level, you will be provided with a set of construction equipment and a goal to accomplish using them. The variety of vehicles ranges from helicopters to cranes to ships to dumpers to tractors to forklifts. At the start of each level, the usage of each is clearly spelled out, followed by the use of multiple equipment. This ensures that even young kids can pick up the game without much trouble. While the basic instructions are explained to you, the challenge lies in applying them at the right time to the right situation. Some of the situations can really get you to rack your brains. You will have to use cranes, make bridges, hit switches, unlock passages and much more.

con2The simplicity of the implementation of the game coupled with the challenging situations make the game almost addictive. The physics and scenarios are quite real. If you wish to expose someone to a real world construction site, this app would be perfect for that. It gives you all you would expect of an actual construction site, combining it with concepts of physics. The game falls short on recreating the sound of engines but does the rest of the recreation very well. There are different engine sounds for different vehicles, adding a slightly unusual touch to the game.

The graphics of the game are top notch. A cartoon thematic has been used alongside smooth animations and suiting sound effects. These graphics indeed add life and character to the game. The combination of variety of vehicles, vivid visual scenery, props and challenges make the game worth playing. The art style is colourful and bright and the controls easy to use. All the movements seem quite real, owing to the smoothanimations. This, combined with the simple animations, makes the game truly enjoyable.

Good: Easy controls

Bad: None

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