iGames: A sneak peek into the world of video games

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Gaming has been proven to sharpen the mind and help in the all-round development of people. Keeping this in mind, A & J Apps have developed iGames, an iOS app that keeps you posted about all the latest and the trending video games. The app comes with a huge collection of viedo games, the number going to about 20,000, and spanning all platforms. Besides just the game, there is some info about it along with ratings, features and trailers. Given all of this, you can choose the best video games suited for you.


The app comes with a very simple concept- unfurl the world of video gaming and serve it on a silver platter to anyone who would be interested. There is all the information you could possible need, including trailers, write ups, ratings and downloads. The games range from traditional classics to newest games to the most popular ones to games yet to be released.

The user interface of the app simplifies the experience manifold. To begin with, the home screen provides you with a range of games, classified into the following categories- Game Updates, New Game Releases, Trending Games on iGames, Top Rated Games, and Games Coming Soon. There is a search bar to help you find games amongst the plethora of games available. There are two other icons- the Watch List and the Video Game controller. The Watch List keeps tracks of all saved games while the Video Game Controller helps you select platforms.


iGames gives you a wonderful insight into the world of gaming. You can watch trailers to get a feel of the game before you download it. In case you like a game and would like to stay updated, you simply have to add it to your Watch List. There is also a calendar where you can mark dates of important releases so that you don’t miss out on them whatsoever. The ratings, which are a result of the average ratings of thousands of users, are indeed helpful. Once you play a game, you can rate it as well. The app also has games that you might not have heard of- so beware.

Platforms for game include Xbox One, IntelliVision, iOS, xbox 360, Mac OS, Atari Lynx and more. By default, the app shows games for all of them. You can deselect specific ones as per your need. Navigation of the app is simple, intuitive and easy. The categorization of apps has been done quite well. If you really like an app, you can also share it with friends on Twitter and Facebook. All you need to do is browse and pick the right game for yourself.

iGames provides a number of features like the Watch List and the calendar to help you stay updated with the world of games. It is little tools like these that make the app worth downloading. All you need is an iOS device with iOS version 7.0 or later. Available for free, the app is sure to introduce you well to the world of video games.

Good: Own rating system, good categorization of games

Bad: None

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