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A number of sites act to provide social networks that allow one to share and collect information of all forms including images, photos, and all other forms of media. All of them follow a similar pattern but a few occasionally decide to take a fling and experiment with something new. Some of them work out well while others don’t. Qwikword is one of the latter.

qw1This Android app is available on the Play Store for free. To begin with, you need to create an account on the app. Alternately, you could use Twitter or Facebook to sign in as well. Once you have signed in, you can then access it from your phone, tablet, or even your PC. What makes this app unique is the enterprising platform it provides.

To begin with, images are called ‘sparks’ as they are supposed to spark creative thoughts. These sparks are posted by app users, and labeled using just one word, preferably one that comes to your mind spontaneously as soon as you see the image. The app eliminates lengthy descriptions or comments, enabling users to scroll through images quickly. The use of single words indeed makes the thoughts of the users fly.

qw2Another feature of the app that is interesting is that it makes use of real names only. It suggests users to enter only their real names so that those that know them can find them easily. As this may be seen as a downside by many, it also allows you to set up your profile with the name of your choice.

qw3As a user, you can post pictures that interest you and you think might spark thoughts in others’ minds. Also, you can choose to sit back and go through the collection of photos posted by other app users. When you click on a photo posted by someone, you have two options – to like it or to create your own one-word caption for it. Limiting users to just single words indeed provides fascinating results, varying from interesting to hilarious to thought provoking.

If your Qwikword account is linked to another social media, you can then share these sparks with friends on them too. The trend is catching on and is going viral of late. The app is an emerging market for images that give rise to ideas and perspectives.

Most of all, the app lives up to its name- with single words, it allows quick browsing and initiation of ideas. The idea is to see how people react immediately upon seeing stimuli such as videos, images and other media. Deep thoughts are often expressed well by being impulsive, acting as sparks. It is indeed very interesting to see how humans do not need more than a few words to communicate and connect with each other.

The app requires Android version 3.0 or higher and 5.1 MB of free space to operate. If you like clicking and posting images or browsing through them during your leisure time, then it’s time to tickle your grey cells with this app.

Good: Use of single words incites ideas

Bad: None

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